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What is the rare candy cheat?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-15 10:03:55

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You have to have r4 or TT to do the cheat.

Press Y when you are about to press in front of that

diamond,pearl,or any ds Pokemon game.

My friend tried it before.

2011-09-15 10:03:55
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Rare candy cheat pearl?

You have to have an action replay to do the rare candy cheat.....sorry! :)

Is there a rare candy cheat for platinum?

Yes there is a rare candy cheat for platinum but you need action replay

What is the rare candy cheat for platium?

eat a rare candy in your bed in your room. It'll multiply

How do you get rare candy in Pokemon Vortex by entering cheat code?

You cannot get rare candy that way.

What is the rare candy cheat for emerald?


What is rare candy cheat?

Cheatin is for chodes

Is there a cheat for rare candy Pokemon Silver?


How cheat rare candy in Pokemon raptor ex?

As of May 2014, it is not possible to cheat for rare candy on Pok_mon Raptor Ex. A person must earn or trade for rate candy.

What is the 999 rare candy codes for Pokemon Platinum?

type Pokemon platinum 999 rare candies code in your internet then it will show what website to look for the 999 rare candy cheat that's how i do it to look for the rare candy cheat. hope it helps!

X999 rare candy in Pokemon platinum?

there is no cheat for infinity rare candy.

Rare candy cheat Pokemon Yellow?


In Pokemon firered how do you get 999 rare candy?


What Is The Rare candy Cheat In Heart Gold?

it is 18790006467

How do you get infifinte rare candy cheat?

Action replay

999 rare candy cheat in Pokemon platinum?


How do you cheat rare candy in Pokemon emerald?

you don't

What is the AR code for Rare Candy In Pokemon SoulSilver?

there is none your welcome for you answer sorry for no rare candy soul silver cheat

Is there a rare candy cheat without using a cheat device?

no you can only use a i-cheat or an action replay

How do you activate the rare candy cheat on the Game Boy advance?

use the cheat codes?

What is the cheat that make your Pokemon 100level in Pokemon ruby?

you need the rare candy cheat

How do you cheat infinite rare candy?

just get a R3 and download the cheat on to it or get an action replay.

What is the rare candy cheat on FireRed?

u cant get 1

Cheat for rare candy?

Get action replay v 1.6

What is the infinite rare candy cheat on Pokemon diamond?


How can you get a level 100 Giratina?

999 rare candy cheat