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What is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

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a surskit

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What is the rarest Pokemon on sapphire?

mew2 is the rarest

What is the rarest Pokemon sapphire and how do you catch it?


What is the rarast Pokemon?

the rarest Pokemon in Ruby Sapphire and Emerald is Feebas

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

i think all of the legendary Pokemon in that game or someting

What is the rarest Pokémon on Pokémon Sapphire?

Rayquaza,kyogre and groundon are second rarest!hope it helps! ^_^p.s.obviously Pokemon you cant get on sapphire,but can on other gba games E.G....chikorita, are the rarest! "_"

How do you get rarest Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

i never played Pokemon fire red but the rarest Pokemon IN fire red is obviously mew ... who ever wrote that is an idiot ... the rarest Pokemon is mewtwo ... mew can not be obtained in fire red ... and you get mew two by getting the ruby and Sapphire and then you go to cerlean cave to get mew two after u have completed the E4 and have gotten the ruby and Sapphire ... i hoped i helped

What is the rarest Pokemon in sapphire?

In my opinion the Latis are the rarest and hardest to find and capture in sapphire version. In Emerald I would say it is Deoxys because you need to go on the spaceship when the guy says 100 flights.

What is the rareest Pokemon on Sapphire?

Not including the legendaries and special pokemon ( ones that you can only catch once ) feebas is the hardest and rarest pokemon to catch

Who is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

The rarest Pokemon is Dialga

What is the rarest water Pokemon you can fish?

I know in Sapphire it was REALLY hard to find Feebas (Milotic's basic stage).

Whats the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen there a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen or sapphire?

well it is either mewtwo or entai/raikou/soucuin and no for leaf but yes to emerald

Which is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

there is no rarest Pokemon you have to train and train and including shinies there is no real rarest Pokemon at all.

What is the rares Pokemon in sapphire?

I haven't catch these Pokemon yet: - Nosepass - Feebas - Chimecho They all rare, so of you ask what is the rarest Pokemon, I can't answer it. But if you ask what is the rare Pokemon, my answer is above

On Pokemon Emerald do you need cheats to get the rarest Pokemon?

No, you do not need cheats to get the rarest Pokemon. The only way to get the rarest Pokemon without cheating is to go to a Nintendo Event, held every few years or so, and download the rarest Pokemon there. Otherwise, you would need cheats to get the rarest Pokemon.

What is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go?

Who is the rarest Pokemon?

Arceus and Deoxys are the rarest Pokemon to date

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

Are sapphires rare?

if you are wondering the sapphire is the rarest gemstone in the world

What is the rarest jewel?

i said it is a idiotic ruby or a sneaky Sapphire

The most rarest pokemon card ever?

the rarest pokemon card ever is Mew.

What is the best Pokemon in ruby?

The Best Pokemon you can catch in Ruby is RayquazaThe Rarest Pokemon you can catch in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald is FeebasThe Rarest Pokemon IN Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald is Milotic.Some other great catches in Ruby you could get are-Bagon-Trapinch-Absol-Tropius-Groudon-Latios-PikachuThere are other rare and powerful Pokemon you can catch in Ruby/Sapphire and Emeraldsuch asLugia (special event in emerald)Ho-Oh (special event in emerald)Latios (random event in emerald)latias (after catching latios retrieve eon ticket)celebijirachie.t.c

What is the rarest of all Pikman?

Pikman or Pokemon The Rarest is mewtwo

What is the rarest Pokemon from ruby to get in sufari zone?

The rarest is stantler.

Which Pokemon is the rarest?

The rarest Pokemon is Arceus. It is not yet in the Pokedex on the website.But in the first movie, it said MEW was rarest... so MEW is rarest... but wait the made a bunch of Pokemon that are distribution only, like, JIRACHI, DEOXYS, and SHAYMIN to name a few. So I think those ones are equally the rarest Pokemon of all!

Whats the rarest Pokemon?

By far, they have said Celebi is the hardest/rarest Pokemon to obtain outside of Japan.

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