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What is the rarest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon indigo?


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Arceus,darkrai,mewtwo,palkia,dialga and giratina.

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Pokemon Indigo does not exist.

You can catch Torchic in the Lavaridge Town Gym in Pokemon Indigo.

No it didn't exist in Pokemon indigo.

In Pokemon indigo Dialga is impossible to get okay? do you get that?

I have no idea but Pokemon Indigo is a fake so i doubt anybody will.

the starters have been released on the maps of pokemon indigo on this newest ver so you can catch them quite easily now

because it is the rarest in all Pokemon

the only problem is you cannot catch a gym leaders Pokemon !!!!

you cant catch it you can olny catch it in the unova region

after Pokemon league in islands

THE MOST RAREST AND MOST LEGENDARY is arceus, but that takes a lot of time 2 get

You can catch it in saffron city. i hope it helps

You can catch Leafeon in Celadon City where Misty is.

well just catch it with a master ball

Not including the legendaries and special pokemon ( ones that you can only catch once ) feebas is the hardest and rarest pokemon to catch

You can catch Horseas around level 10-13 in The Underwater Zone (Indigo World Map).

There isn't one. They are all the rarest. But if you consider it, I might say: The dog pokemon. You can only catch one kind for your starter pokemon. The bird pokemon aren't to rare, because you can catch all of them anyway you play the game.

you trade a mewtwo or go on Google and search Pokemon indigo cheats or Pokemon indigo codes and they give a bunch of neat stuff. hoped i helped :) -Marshmellow10

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