UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

UnovaRPG, formerly Pokémon Indigo, is an unauthorized online version of the popular game series in RPG (role-playing game) format, which allows for the interaction of many Pokémon players around the world, far beyond the single player mode of the console games. Also featured is the ability to battle gym leaders from all versions of the console games.

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UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What does dragon scale do in pokemon indigo?

Attach it to seadra then you can evolve it to kingdra all though this item is useless because you can capture a kingdra regularly.

you cant catch a kingdra regularly. just attach it to seadra make it hold it and trade seadra and it will evolve into kingdra

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What level does crocnaw evolve in Pokemon Indigo?

Level 36.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Are there any cheat codes for Pokemon


What I do is get double $ and Exp. and also get a new Pokemon, all in one go!

What you do is:

  1. Buy any kind of Pokeballs (make sure that it will catch your target)
  2. Battle the target
  3. When the target is halfway defeated, open the use items list
  4. While the list is open, defeat your target
  5. Throw the Pokeball (note that you only have one shot at this)
  6. Enjoy this form of speed training!

This glitch still works but be warned, you might get banned for doing this.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)
How To

How To Evolve magmar In Pokemon indigo?

Trade it.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What is the weakness for solrock and lunatone in Pokemon indigo?

for solrock, it is water. for lunatone it is electric. -RR14

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What level does Shieldon evolve on Pokemon Indigo?

It evolves at level 30.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What is the Pokemon indigo money coupon code?

press alt+F4

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

When does budew evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Budew evolves into Roselia via happiness during the day.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Coupon codes of Pokemon indigo of pokeshop?

There is no way possible, except if you have a friend or someone you can get unwanted coupon codes from. Sorry! :(
UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What is a TM in Pokemon indigo?

A Technical Machine.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What level does Skitty evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Skitty does not evolve by a level it evolves from a 'Moon Stone' which you can buy from the Store, give it to the skitty and it will evolve into a Delcatty

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Can you find victini in Pokemon indigo?

No, since Victini is a Unova, it cannot be found in Kanto or Johto

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What level does quilava evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Quilarva is not a pokemon, you might be thinking of Quilava, which is in Pokemon (heart) Gold, (soul) Silver, and Crystal. It evolves into Typhlosion at Lv.36.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

How do you evolve riolu into Lucario pokemon indigo?

Just make it happy by leveling it up....

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

How do you get Groudon on pk indigo?

you need to go to traiers room then you need to typ groudon and then catch it

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UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

How do you hack pk indigo?

in pokemon indigo you have to go skydiving and battle 50 trainers the map skydiving is hidden go in it and you will be in a sky and you will find much legendary pokemon like: Moltres, Mew , Mewtwo, Articuno and when you fine all 4 legendarys logoff and you will have this thing to come up and it wil say hack indigo press yes and this thing is gonna come up and type what hack you want

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What is in the center core of the Unova region?

The Entralink. It's a place where you can go to make Pokemon dreams come true after waking them up from game sync. You can also help other players if they are around you by crossing a bridge. To get to Entralink, you have to press wireless on the touch screen and then Entralink. You should be able to get there as long as you are not in a house or building.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Is it Eevee that evolves into Leafeon with the leaf stone in Pokemon Indigo?

no u can get only by trade my send me a request and i can give u a arceas

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UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

When does burmy evolve in Pokemon?

You can't make Burmy evolve with a stone. It evolves at level 20. If it's male, it evolves into Mothim. Female, it evolves into Wormadan. (Quick ways to make Burmy evolve: Cheats or, what I do, give Burmy the item Experience Share and go to a place with high level Pokemon, like Victory Road, and train it like that.)

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Where to find victini in Pokemon indigo?

I don't Know, and I'm trying to myself, but i'm having no luck either. Don't feel bad. I have that same question.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Where to catch a gliscor on Pokemon indigo?

Evolve Gligar by letting him hold a Razor Fang and leveling it up at night.

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

What level does rhydon evolve at on Pokemon indigo?

Rhyhorn evolves INTO Rhydon at Level 42

Rhydon evolves INTO Rhyperior when it is traded while it is holding a 'Protector'

For more information, please try the following two sites:

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

Where can you breed Pokemon in Pokemon indigo online?

Unfortunately not. It would be very good though!

UnovaRPG (Pokemon Indigo)

How do you evolve shaymin in Pokemon indigo?

Shaymin doesn't evolve, but you can change its form. To change Shaymin's form, you need to use a Gracadia Flower on it.


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