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The balance equation between aluminium chloride and ammonium hydroxide is given by:

AlCl3 + 3NH4OH --> Al(OH)3 + 3NH4Cl

However, in the case of excess NH4OH, ammonia does form, as with many metals, NH3 complexes and double salts. With Aluminium chloride, the double salt formed, which is apparently stable to 900 C, is AlCl3.6NH3. However, if you are a chemistry student or answering a question on an AP Chem exam, you might consider ignoring this part of the answer, as I doubt this knowledge is widely known. The reaction, with excess NH3, apparently proceeds at room temperature as:

Al(OH)3 + 3 NH4Cl + 3 NH4OH --> AlCl3.6NH3 + 3 H2O

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Why is ammonium chloride not a chemical reaction?

Because aluminium chloride is a compound, not a reaction.

Does calcium chloride react with ammonia solution?

No. There is no reaction.

What chemical change is mixing chloride and aluminum?

This is a chemical reaction; synthesis of aluminium chloride.

What are the reactions between ammonia nh3 and calcium chloride?

What is the reaction of calcium or magnesium with ammonia

What is the Chemical equation for ammonium chloride added to ammonia?

Ammonium chloride is NH4Cl. Ammonia is NH3. Any reaction between these compounds.

What is the reaction of aluminium chloride and ammonium hydroxide?

The answer is Aluminum Hydroxide (AlOH) + Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl3)

What happen when ammonia and hydrogen chloride are mixed?

There is a reaction between them. It forms NH4Cl by reaction.

Hydrogen chloride plus ammonia?

The reaction is HCl+ NH3 --> NH4Cl. The product is ammonium chloride.

How do you convert benzene to toluene?

By the Friedel Crafts reaction of benzene with methyl chloride and anhydrous aluminium chloride.

What is the difference between ammonia and ammonium chloride?

Ammonia is NH3. It is a foul-smelling alkaline gas. Ammonium chloride is NH4Cl. It is a mildly acidic salt that forms from the reaction of ammonia and hydrochloric acid.

What is the type of reaction that takes place when ammonia and hydrogen chloride gases are mixed?

displacement reaction

How does aluminium reaction with sodium chloride?

Sodium is more reactive than aluminium no displacement reaction would be expected. The displacement reaction would be written as :- Al + 3NaCl= AlCl3+3Na)

Reaction between aluminum iodide and chlorine?

Produces Aluminium chloride and Iodine

Reaction between ammonia and fused calcium chloride?

it form the complex compound

What happens when sodium chloride is reacted with ammonia?

Any reaction occur in this case.

Chemical reaction of ammonia and HCl?

NH3 + HCl -----------> NH4Cl. Ammonia and hydrochloric acid combine to form Ammonium chloride

How do you prepare HgNH2Cl?

Mercuric amidochloride is obtained by the reaction between ammonia and mercuric chloride.

When potassium chloride is mixed with ammonia and ammonium fluoride what happens?

Any reaction occur.

What is the reaction of n-butyllithium with ammonium chloride?

when nbutyl lithium is react with ammonium chloride gives LiCl and butane ,ammonia

What happens when ammonium chloride is added to barium hydroxide?

There is an acid base reaction that results in the formation of barium chloride, ammonia, and water.

What is the molecular equation for aluminum and sodium chloride?

Any reaction occur between salt and aluminium.

Balanced equation for reaction of aluminium sulphate with barium chloride?

Bacl2 + AlSo4 = BaSo4 + AlCl2

How do you make formula of aluminium chloride mention it with steps?

aluminium+hydrochloric acid= aluminium chloride+hydrogen :)

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of ammonia and hydrochloric acid?

Ammonia plus hydrochloric acid produces ammonium chloride. NH3 + HCl ---> NH4Cl

Can solid sodium chloride react with aqueous aluminium sulfide in a reaction that requires heat?

Aluminium sulfide is not soluble in water; Al2S3 is easily hydrolyzed.