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Being emo does not exactly mean you cut yourself. I am emo and i do not cut myself. And all emos are not bi or gay. I am not. Also emo hair can be black, blonde, brown,ginger or multi-colored.

There is no difference between gay/bi emos and straight emos.

Emo is actually a type of music, but being emo basically means that you're at a depressed stage in your life. There is a common type of clothing and music, etc in the emo population but you don't have to follow it to be emo.

Emo, or its full name emotive hardcore which can be shortened to emocore is a sub genre of hardcore punk formed in 1984-5 in Washington D.C. It's not mainstream and you will not hear any real emo bands on the TV, radio or at Warped Tour. Some real emo bands are Rites of Spring, Embrace, Gray Matter, Indian Summer, Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Jets To Brazil and Jawbreaker.

A real emo person would listen to these bands which understanding of the background and history subgenre without being a stereotypical modern emo.

A typical real emo person may wear flat shoes, boot cut (or any type of jeans), sweaters with a real emo band shirt underneath, thick rimmed glasses and a messenger bag which carries their pencils and diary.

A poseur emo listens to alternative rock or metalcore bands which he or she labels 'emo / screamo' while labelling herself or himself emo. They probably wear too much eyeliner and dark clothing which they think is emo style when emos are not dark.

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Q: What is the real meaning of being emo?
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What are emo boys?

emo boys are people that deem themselves, Emotional. however that is the stereotypical meaning. the real meaning is a type of music called emocore. you don't have to appear emo to be emo....

Is the band Yellowcard emo?

yes theyre emo. if you look at their wikipedia article one of the genres listed is emo. theyres nothing wrong with a band being emo for god's sake. yellowcard is a real emo band, like Texas is the reason, moneen, cursive etc. don't mistake metalcore or screamo bands for being just emo. yellowcard is older than all those bands anyways, so they are similar to the older emo bands. to hear some real emo music check out the emo itunes essential (which the song "ocean avenue" by yellowcard is included in).

Am I still EMO if I never kissed a boy and am not willing to do so?

Kissing a boy has nothing to do with being EMO or not. If you wish to be EMO, then you are EMO. If you wish to not be EMO, then you are not EMO. A fashion does not define who you are. Be who you wish to be. Kissing boys is not a requirement.

How do you make youre pocket emo be emo?

by being a pocket emo to yourself

Are you weird for being Emo?

emos are weird stop being emo!!! 3:)

What is better for a girlfriend goth or emo?

If she actually liked real goth and emo music. Keyword: REAL.

Is metalcore emo?

metal? emo? 'emo' and 'metalcore' are different genres 'emo' being 'emotional rock'

Why is being emo a big trend?

Dressing emo and being emo is not the same. The clothing differs from each person but the regular stuff are skinny jeans, makeup, converse all star shoes, wrist bands and such but that does not make you emo. A real emos are either musical, poetic or both. Music and poetry is our salvation. It has the perfect order.

Can I do A Emo Hairstyle Without Being Emo?

Yes but if people mistake you for an emo, correct them.

How can you stop being emo?

You can't stop being emo, but you can always become a 'Happy Emo'. Happy Emos such as myself are still emo but we just don't self harm.

How can you figure out if you are emo or not?

this phrase helped me alot emo is not cutting your wrists or always being sad or wanting to kill emo is emotional emo is being yourself to tell you the truth emo is a music genre so next time when you talk about emo learn what emo is first

What is the true meaning of emo?

the tru meaning of emo is we express ourselves emotinaly as in music style and etc. many of us we cut but not all emo do im emo myself and i dnt cut other of us jst cry. but lik everybody thnks not all of us r gey or cut this is my meaning of emo

Is emo real?

emo is more a way to get attention or/and a excuse to not have a personality. so no.

Is Lola from Hannah Montana an emo?

No she not emo she is actually girlie in real life

Is Munro Chambers really emo?

No. Not in real life. He's to energetic to be emo.

How do you know if im an emo?

being emo is a trend and has absolute NOTHING to do with being diagnosed anything!

Why do people like to be emo?

people who are emo, at least when i was emo, i didn't like being emo it was the worst time of my life i was super depressed..... and if people cut themselves it is the lowest feeling so trust me. being emo is not fun.

Do Emos have to be interested in emo music?

Yes then whatโ€™s the point of being emo

Are powers real in gothic and emo?

What?! No!

Can you have friends and be emo?

Baka. Of course! Do you know anything about being emo?

Is goth and emo a counterculture?

no, being goth or emo isn't a culture.

Do punks conform to being emo just to fit in or to be hated like emo people are?

Nobody is emo; they can't be a music genre. There are punks who listen to REAL emo music, but there is no way in hell that they can conform to it. Maybe jump on a bandwagon (due to the mainstream), but not conform its "style". F*^k all people who believe this sh1t.Im an emo kid and this is just offensive!!

Can you ever stop being emo?

For one thing, that person had no idea what she / he was talking about. If you're a real emo it's your lifestyle. You can't just stop listening to real emo music and dressing in real emo fashion because you decide you don't want to anymore if that's actually who you are. But I'm guessing you didn't know what emo was in the first place so if you're just depressed and self harming you weren't emo in the first place and you should stop labelling yourself that because it's wrong. It's a teenage phase today anyway, you're going to grow out of it eventually.

What is the meaning of emo off?

It means that someone knows an emo and they want the emo kid to stay away, it is the same thing as nerd away!

Is being emo fun?

yes being emo is fun in some kinda way but it's not ment for fun