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Patricia Quinn played 'Alice Brock'.

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Q: What is the real name of the Alice in Alice's Restaurant?
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What is Alice's real name from new moon?

Alices real name is Mary, her Middle name was Alice :)

What is is Alices real name in twilight?

If you mean the character from the books/movie, before she became a vampire Alice's name was Mary Alice Brandon. If you mean the actress who plays Alice in the Twilight movie, her name is Ashley Greene.

Are Alices from Gakuen Alice real?

Sadly, no. As much as we may wish for Alices, midget alchemists, or magical shops owned by alcoholic witches to exist, they are not real. But that's what fanfiction is for.

What are Jaspers and Alices fake name?

Jasper and Alice don't have fake names. They use their real names at school, home, and everywhere else.

What is alices name real name out of twilight?

Ashley Greene <peace>

Brady Bunch's Alices real name?

Ann B. Davis played Alice on the TV sitcom The Brady Bunch. Henrietta Mantel reprised the role in the feature films.

What is Alice real name from Alice in Wonderland?


What is Alice Cullen real name?

the real name of Alice Cullen is Ashley greene

What is Alice Cullens real name?

In the book she only knows her name as Alice Cullen , but doesn't remember her real human name and that name is Mary Alice Brandon

What is Alice Cullen's actual real name?

Alice Cullen's real name is Mary Alice Brandon Cullen. If you are asking about the actress, her name is Ashley Greene.

Who is Alice in the westing game?

Alice in the name Turtle made up for her real name because her real name is Tabitha Ruth but she doesnt like that name, she prefores Alice.

What is Alice Cullens real name before she was called Alice?

Alice Cullen's name is Mary Alice Brandon Cullen

What is roseiles Cullens real name?

Rosalie's real name is Rosalie. I think you mean Alice. Alice's real name is Mary. Her middle name is Alice and her last name (as a human) is Brandon. Mary Alice Brandon. When she married Jasper, it became Mary Alice Brandon Cullen. But she still goes by Alice. Rosalie Cullen's real name was Rosalie Lillian Cullen (this is on the biography on Twilight

What is the real name of Alice from residentevil?

Alice real name in the Resident Evil films isAlice Abernathy for her codename and Janus Prospero is her real nameThey got the name Alice from Alice In Wonderland just on case know one new that

What is Alice Cullen's full name?

Mary Alice Brandon is Alice's real name, the one that she was born as a human with.

Alice Cullens real name?

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen.

What is Alice Cullen from twiligts real name?

its Mary Alice Brandon

What is the tooth fairy's real name?

I think the tooth fairys real name is Alice like Alice from Alice in the wonderland. But im not sure

What is the real name of Alice Cooper?

Alice Cooper's birth name is Vincent Damon Furnier

What is Alice's last name?

In the Alice books, we are never told her last name, but she was inspired by a real person whose name was Alice Liddell.

What was alice's nickname in the westing game?

There was no Alice, Alice is a made up name Turtle said was her real name when her name was Tabitha-Ruth.

What is the real name of Alice Cullen?

Mary Alice Brandon. Hope this helps.

What is the real name of the author of Alice in Wonderland?

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is the real name of Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

What is the real name of Alice from the movies resident evil named?

Her real name is Milla Jovovich

What is Alice Cullens real name from new moon and twilight?

Her real name is Ashley Greene