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What is the reason for Spectral Inversion in C Band Satellite Communications?

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It's just another method to help prevent signal theft.

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Spectral lines are of particular importance in astronomy because?

For one reason, astronomers can figure out what stars are composed of by looking at their spectral lines.

What was the main reason for the Morse code?

Communications over distances.

A major reason for development of a common culture is?

The influence of mass communications

What is lateral inversion?

Lateral inversion is the reversal of an object when the image is formed in a flat mirror. This reversal is only in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the mirror. However, the effect is often seen by a person as a "left-right" reversal with the "front-back" reversal not noticed. That's the reason it's called lateral inversion. "Lateral" means sideways.

Does a satellite in a geostationary orbit move across the sky from east to west?

No. A geostationary satellite appears to be stationary in the sky, which means not moving. This is a big part of the reason why it is referred to as a geo'stationary' satellite.

Are the spectral lines always in the same order ROYGBIV?

The arrangement of the spectral colors are determined by how the human eye and brain work. There is no clear reason to believe that different people or animals see the spectrum the same. In fact it is easy to show that they don't.

Does Gravity affect the speed of a satellite in a circular orbit?

Gravity is the reason for the speed of a satellite in orbit, the size and shape of orbits, and the existence of orbits.

What is the reason of scramble channel on PC satellite receiver?

to make sure you pay for it

Why inversion of sugar is done in pharma industry?

Sucrose in syrup or other liquid formulations on storage converted into glucose and fructose(1:1) with lose of a molecule of water this is called inversion of sugar and solution becomes concentrate this is reason instead of sucrose inverted sugar syrup is used in formulation

Why satellites are placed at an altitude of 36000 km is there any reason for such an long altitude pls answer thanks in advance?

The closer to the Earth, the faster the orbit; this is basic math, as determined Johannes Kepler centuries ago. The higher the orbit, the slower the satellite goes. IN 1947, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote an article and a story based on the curious coincidence that if a satellite were placed in an equatorial orbit 23,000 miles (or 36,000 km) up, the satellite would orbit the Earth at precisely the speed that the Earth itself turns. The satellite would appear to be suspended, motionless, in the sky! Since an Earth-based antenna would not need any rotors or pointing mechanisms to track an unmoving satellite, the antenna could be made larger - MUCH larger. We now call that orbit "geo-synchronous", and that's where we park communications satellites, and TV satellites. It didn't occur to Arthur Clarke to patent his invention; and because he did not, the satellite communications revolution proceeded unimpaired by patent lawsuits.

Can a person renting you a room in North Carolina disconnect your satellite for nonpayment of rent when there is no lease?

No lease = no protection for either party. You're lucky your satellite just got disconnected instead of finding your stuff out on the lawn. More generally, if you don't have a contract specifying that you get satellite, then yes, your landlord can disconnect it for any reason he likes, or even for no reason at all.

Why is it that wooden roller coasters do not have inversions?

The reason why wood roller coasters generally do not have inversion is because wood has limits to what you can do with it. An inversion on a roller coaster is where the cars go upside down, makes a steep drop or an extreme turn. There are a few wood roller coasters that do have inversions. They include the Corkscrew and Hades 360.

How do you communicate using a satellite?

A satellite that's designed to be used for communications carries a radio repeater ... a radio receiver, plus a transmitter that re-transmits everything the receiver hears. Two places on earth that can't communicate by radio because there's too much stuff between them ... like trees, buildings, mountains, or the spherical bulge of the earth ... may still be able to hook up if they can both see the satellite. Both of them can point their antennas at the satellite, transmit toward it, and let it "repeat" their transmissions back to earth. Then they can talk to each other. Of course, the satellite is so far away that it takes noticeable time for the signals to follow this route ... it's a little more than 1/4 second just for the radio waves to travel end-to-end, each way through a geostationary satellite. That's the reason that conversation is often so difficult on an international or even a domestic satellite telephone circuit.

What was the reason for Internet?

The reason for Internet was to facilitate military communications. The internet has evolved since then and has become the main mode of communication and handling business activities among other things.

What is the political effects of the Salem witch trials?

The Salem witch trials gave a reason for the use of spectral evidence in trial to be banned in court, something that hadn't happened before.

Why is a satellite dish round?

Each satellite TV dish can be a different shape depending on what provider you have. Dish Network satellites are more round -- the reason they are round is to get the best possible signal using the LNB (a device attached to the dish) and the specific curvature of the dish; since all TV, Cable and satellite providers use some form of satellite to get your programming each dish is a slightly different shape depending upon what satellite they are pointing to in the sky.

What was the original reason for the internet?

Communication, and research.Check out the link below1. Federal Communications commission. (2005, November 21). History of Communications - INTERNET: Something to Share. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from

Why does People Opt for Satellite TV to PC?

The reason why people choose to have Satellite TV for PC is because of the following:· They can't afford to pay a monthly subscription· They have high speed internet connection and doesn't want to pay for additional satellite tv subscription where they can watch movies on their computer· They don't have satellite TV services in their location· Apartments don't permit them to have satellite dish installed on their roof or their landlords don't want them to subscribe to any subscription like satellite tv services.· They want to watch movies from another country which satellite tv services don't have

Why police use mobile phones?

Police use mobile phones for the same reason you do; for quick and easy communications with pretty much anyone. The exception to this is in the event of a major disaster that interrupts police and emergency services communications, cell phones are considered a backup for normal police communications. In non-emergency situations, cell phones are not a secure means of communications, and can be eavesdropped upon and used to locate the caller. As such, these are never an official means of first responder and emergency services communications.

Can the government read your Skype messages?

Yes, they do have the ability to listen to or read any of your digital communications or Internet usage. Digital communications also include cellular usage. There are laws that protect your privacy, so they are supposed to have a legally justifiable reason.

Which star has spectral lines of many elements heavier than helium?

All stars have spectral lines for elements heavier than helium. The reason is that at this point, EVERY star is a 2nd or 3rd generation star; there isn't any more pure hydrogen left. So all new solar systems are composed of the remnants of older stars.

Why must satellite have distinct uplink and downlink frequancy?

Before describing the solution of above query let firstly define uplink and downlink frequencies Uplink frequency: In satellite telecommunications terminology, uplink means the signal sent from Earth to the satellite. Downlink frequency: In satellite telecommunications terminology downlink means the signal from the satellite to earth. And now what about the frequencies Why kept different?? The main reason for keeping these frequencies apart is to avoid interference between the upcoming and outgoing signals since they received and sent from a single body that is our satellite.

How does the weather effect satellite tv's?

DISH is a leading satellite TV & internet provider offering the best programming and technology at an unbeatable value. Dish delivers the best video anywere at anutime utlizing state-of-the-art equipment & technology & award-winning HD & DVR Technology!

Why a precise geo stationary orbit can not be obtained?

Because the geostationary orbit round the Earth is perturbed by gravity from the Sun and Moon. The biggest effect is to change the orbital plane of the geostationary satellite so that, after a while on station, in 24 hours it appears to move up and down slightly. For that reason communications satellites need motors and fuel to correct the orbit from time to time.

Why are satellite 12000 miles in the air?

Navigation is a reason for why satellites are 12,000 miles in the air. The purpose of the satellite will determine its location in the atmosphere, with global positioning for the United States of America and GLONASS for the Russian Federation claiming altitudes of 6,000 to 12,000 miles.