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What is the recipe for chocolate?


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February 09, 2016 9:56AM

A Recipe for Very Basic Chocolate What people generally consider chocolate requires lots of machinery, so this recipe won't produce what you would call a candy bar, but it is real chocolate nonetheless. Get some cacao/cocoa beans, roast them, let them cool, peel the outer husk off the beans, grind them to paste. Add sugar to the paste, 1/2c sugar per pound of paste (or to your taste). Optional flavorings can be added at this point: vanilla bean, mint oil, chili pepper powder/oil, coffee, and many other things. Experimenting can be delicious! Grind the sugar, the paste, and the optional flavorings, if being used, to as smooth a paste as you desire. Use the paste to fill molds/pour on plates/dip spoons/whatever and put in the refrigerator to let it set-up. Tasty and good!