What is the recipe of the dagger of absolution in wizards 101?

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What is wizard 101?

Wizard101 is an MMORPG created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Playerstake on the role of students of Witchcraft/Wizardry to save theSpiral, the fictional universe in which the game is played, andbattle enemies by casting spells using a turn-based combat systemsimilar to collectible card games. The game ( Full Answer )

What is the best wizard type in wizard 101?

Each school has some redeeming feature. Ice: Super high health with a universal resist. Weak attacks. Oneof the best solo classes in game. Also gives you universal damageshield. Fire: Uses Damage over Time spells. Great at removing shields.Second highest damage rate in game. So-so accuracy and mode ( Full Answer )

What is wizards 101?

Wizard101 is an MMORPG created by KingsIsle Entertainment.Players take on the role of students of Witchcraft/Wizardry to savethe Spiral, the fictional universe in which the game is played, andbattle enemies by casting spells using a turn-based combat systemsimilar to collectible card games. The game ( Full Answer )

How do you get to wizard 101?

Click the links in the sources and related links (below) Then, click on wizard creator and follow the instructions to download it.

How do you be a dark wizard on wizard 101?

\nwhen ya first take the quiz when making your character click the button skip this test to skip the quiz and just pick what kind of wizard ya wanna be.

Where is wizard city on wizard 101?

Wizard city is the first world you ever get to. when you begin the game, that is the world you find yourself on.

How do you become a life wizard on wizard 101?

\nwhen ya first take the quiz when making your character click the button skip this test to skip the quiz and just pick what kind of wizard ya wanna be.

What is the best kind of wizard on wizard 101?

To be honest, there is no 'best' wizard type on wizard 101. People may have their preferences, though. However, you can probably get the most out of the free ice, fire or storm spells if you register with that particular school.

Walkthrough for wizard 101 earth wizard?

Ummmmmmmmmm.......... there is no EARTH wizard. BUT, if you mean life, well, i cant ruin it for you, just play the game (it's a great game i beat everything)

How do you do the quest dagger of absolution in wizard101?

Talk to Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town, do the quest: Wizards in the Mist. Then Eudora will give you the quest you are talking about, which is called: The Razor's Edge. The quest that follows this is: Krok Watcher; where Eudora sends you to talk to Wul'yahm (the crafting professor in Krokotopia.)

Where is the wizard city on the wizards 101?

When you first sign in you can get of the building but not the tutorial one the one with the wizard with the blue hat blue hat and there you go your at the wizard city if it's this city that you want to be in.

What are pets for in wizard 101?

they might help or aid you in battle maybe boost stats when you levl them up they might boost their own pet stats pets might give cards to cast in battle for example earth walker gives the spell earth walker dealing about 420-500 damage

Where is general allikies in wizard 101?

He is in a tower at the end of cyclops lane. He is a cyclops and since I am level 22, I can one hit him but was really easy to defeat even when you are low level

On wizard 101 how do you get a free mount?

First, you have to kill blackhope to get to Triton avenue. . Then, you go to Blad RavenEye. . Finish all the quest's he have to offer (Might lvl up!). . Then use teleporter to get to Schomer SunBlade. . Do his quest, then kill the Kraken (Rank 3 Boss). . Then just kill the kraken a few time's t ( Full Answer )

How do you get a pet dragon on wizard 101?

Do you want a mount or a pet? If pet you can buy them in pet stores or the bazaar in Olde Town. The pet stores have a picture of a flying pig. If mount you have to pay crowns. The crown store is in the top left corner. It has a picture of a boy wizard on it. Enjoy!

How do you get free coins from wizards 101?

there is a icon with a star saying win codes on the start start page where you log in then there will be games where you have to play to win coins treasure cards pets and more. or go to the fair grounds and play games to win stuff also gold the games are easy and some are tricky

How do you get to the tomb of storms on wizard 101?

first you have to go to the krokosphinx and beat krokhotep in the emporors retreat. second you go to the balance school and talk to alhazard. third go to the oasis and talk to sargent major talbot then talk to te purple mander and light up the sigils or whater there called then wait and the teloport ( Full Answer )

How do you skip quests on wizard 101?

you cant skip quest you keep it on your quest forever play another wizard or delete that wizard and make a new one or quit the game

How good is wizard 101?

Well, it is a good game, but you have to sign up for it first which takes an awful lot of time. Also, the game sometimes says things that you are required to do. I would recommend DragonNest. It does say you have to pay, but the paying part is only if you want to buy high quality clothes/outfits. So ( Full Answer )

Wizard 101 how to get in the spiral chamber?

all you have to do is beat firecat ally, cyclops lane, and i think collousus... after that you will go to the hedmaster and he will tell u blah blah blah go to the tree(i cant spell his name but it starts with a B and he is in ravenwood) and then you will go to krokotopia :) you should subscribe fir ( Full Answer )

How do you train you pet in wizard 101?

When you want to train a pet, you head on over to the Pet Pavilion in Wizard City. You can get to it from the Commons. Play one of the games available, do your best , have fun and at the end of the game, if you have any, give your pet a pet snack. Repeat this multiple times. Doing so will cause yo ( Full Answer )

How do you get a Power Pip in Wizard 101?

Power pips are pips that give you 2 spells in one but sometime is dosent work. Example: Fire bird, 3 pips , you need three pips on your board. Save up your pips and eventually you will get at least 1. Hope this helps! Pipsy101

How do you get cat tails on wizard 101?

Use your compass to go to Olde Town and go to the Bazaar which is close to the entrance and go inside the Bazaar and just buy some there.Not very hard actually.

How many worlds are in wizard 101?

There are 11 worlds in wizard 101, Wizard City, Krokotopia, Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Wintertusk, Wysteria, Zafaria, and Avalon right now.

What kind of wizard can you be in wizard 101?

You can be a life (Theurgist), myth (Conjurer), death (Necromancer), fire (Pyromancer), ice (Thaumaturge), storm (Diviner), or balance (Socerer) wizard. If you want to you can click skip the test and choose your class. You can also choose second and third classes if you want. If you are a life wizar ( Full Answer )

Where is the wizard city Smith in wizard 101?

The Smiths are spread throughout Wizard City. There is no "Wizard City Smith" if you are looking for the Commons Smith, he is in the Carnival near the wall behind the tents.

Where is the recipe shop in wizard 101?

its around fire cat alley just turn around cross the little bridge. The lady wil ask you to do a quest all you have to do is buy the mistwood from the bazzar the she will give you a table put it in your house. then complete the crafting sword quest when you are done she will sell you recipes

How do you get back into wizard city in wizard 101?

Witch ever world you are in will have a place you can go to and there will be a door when you get close to the door hit x and it will ask what world you want to go to and click any one of them then at the bottom click go to world

Where do you get a wizard minion on wizard 101?

You have to learn it from the Myth school. you can't buy it or get it. Christopher DeathEyes lvl 22 Death/life necromancer You also get one minion from your school around Mooshu. That's why the above isn't correct. But, the above is also right,

Where do you get out at wizard 101?

You go to the spellbook,then go to the settings just above the red cross,and click that.Then go to "Quit " on the bottom right corner and when it goes to character selection select " Exit " on the bottom right corner also.Wait for it to close by itself.

How do you get a wizard minion on wizard 101?

You click shop in the top left corner and click the cards and buy the pack for 100 crowns i did it and got like 3 and some other cards :) HOPE THIS HELPED! :)

Where do you get the ingridents to make a dagger of absolution?

get the quest 1. go to the shopping district. to the right hand side of master Ambrose's house. 2. then go to olde town, walk down the stair case 2 times the go left. 3. go to the old lady then talk to her click razors edge. then do what she tells you. cat tails 1.first, go to unicorn way. 2. then g ( Full Answer )

What is the worst type of wizard in wizard 101?

well, there is no specific class that is least important and least powerful. but, if you want my opinion, i believe that ice wizards and balance wizards are the least powerful and the thunder and myth are the most powerful, but thunder fizzles frequently. but that is just my opinion :)

Why can't wizards on wizard 101 be astral wizards?

It's just because maybe the game focus on the seven school's which is mostly seen on the ravenwood and the one is in the krokotopia, because as you know there a story behind this each seven school's.

How do you get into wizard 101?

you sihn in then you press play when it comes to character and thenyou will start playing from where you quit the last time you wereon it

How do you get a storm wizard in wizard 101?

You take the test, if you do not qualify as storm hit choose my class my self. Do this when either making an account or in the Add Charectar section on the wizard101 menu