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Wizard Defense. It doesn't sound as cool as Wizard 101.

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Q: What are some good wizard games BESIDE wizard 101?
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What are some good kid Wizard RPG Games?

Wizard 101

What are some good virtual world games to play?

wizard 101.

What are some good online wizard multiplayer games?

wizard 101 kids and adults can play this 3D multiplayer game

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some good card games are: President, Spit, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Crazy Eights Countdown, Uno, Solitaire, Wizard... etc.

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Ermmm..there isnt one yet, but the video games let you do that!

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Here's the original question about naming your characters.

What are all the names of online games that are like wizard 101?

Some games like Free Reals and Toontown.

What are some games like MagiStream and club penguin?

There is a game called wizard 101

What are some online virtual games like club penguin?

wizard 101

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My Generation and Pinball Wizard are a good place to start.

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delete system 32

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