What is the recommended year round temperature in a home?

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The government program ENERGY STAR recommends 70 for heat and 78 for cool. They recommend installing a programmable thermostat to only maintain the temperature when you are there.

This is not an answer to the stated question. Why should the temperature change from summer to winter? Year round means just that. My opinion is 78. Though because of energy cost, i set my thermostat at 80 in the summer and 72 in the winter. I like to be warm, I don't like to have to layer my clothes, and I just want to be comfortable.
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What is the recommended temperature and humidity for your home and for your bedroom when you are sleeping at night?

Temperature: 65-70 F degrees; with 65% humidity. Surely this depends on what one is used to. I find sleep most refreshing when I sleep at a lower temperature than the above answer, say 58-60F. Recent (2003-2006) sleep studies at several USA universities confirm the popularity of the top ans ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended air temperature for a home cooling system measured at the register?

Answer - recommended air temperature The "ideal" rule of thumb most people hear is 20 degrees cooler than the air entering the system. Without having several idicators, including the break down of the particular models ARI ratings, this is hard to determine. What is refered to as the Delta T, or di ( Full Answer )

What is the Recommended office temperature?

There has been quite a bit of research done to determine the most productive office temperature. It turns out that the most productive temperature is when people are in the comfort zone or slightly cooler than the comfort zone. The actual temperature will vary depending on the season, the geographic ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended temperature for a workplace?

The recommended temperature for a workplace depends on the kind of work being done there, on the part of the world it is located in, on how the employees are dressed, on whether air conditioning is provided (in a hot climate), and on the building structure or design. There is no single recommendatio ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended average temperature for a workplace?

It depend of level and type of activity, but in general could be 23°C. The average temperature in a workplace depends on what is being done in the workplace and where in the world it is. The temperature in an iron foundry is very different from the temperature in a cold storage warehouse, for exa ( Full Answer )

Does Tucson have year round temperature of 75 degrees?

No, temperature varies throughout the year. During the summer months, which are usually from May through September it averages anywhere from 95 degrees to 110, and in the 70's to 80's during the night. The winters are pretty mild, with usually 60 degrees during the day and dropping to 40's at night. ( Full Answer )

Where is the Year round temperature 65 degrees?

65 degree weather is not native to one region of the world. It ishowever native to the Republic of Malta. It is a valuedMediterranean treat located near Sicily.

What is the temperature in the average savanna year round?

Savanna's are areas of open grassland with very few trees. There are two types of savannas, tropical and semi-tropical savannas. Temperatures in savannas vary according to the season. Mean average temperatures are 77F or 25C

Squash court temperature recommended?

The World Squash Federation recommends: 12.1 It is recommended that a Squash court and any adjacent spectator areas (including the space for the marker and referee) shall be provided with a heating and/or air conditioning system which is capable of maintaining a temperature of between 10 and 25 de ( Full Answer )

Why do polar zones have cold temperatures year round?

As the Earth rotates on it's tilted axis around the sun, different parts of the Only about four months of the year have above freezing temperatures. This climate is in the polar front zone

What city in the US has cool not cold temperatures year round?

I was in Indiana for a little while visiting my in laws and found their weather to be very inviting. Although in the winter it gets to be very cold indeed. I would not go any further north then this state spanning all the way to the west. If you can handle cloudiness Seattle Wa. is mild year round, ( Full Answer )

What is London England's average year round temperature?

Average daytime high temperatures go from 7 (45) in January to 22 (72) in July. . Nightime lows go from 2 (36) to 13 (57). . Monthly averages go from 5 (41) to 18 (64). . The overall yearly average is a minimum 8 (46) and maximum 14 (58) with an overall average of 11 (52). . All figures are C ( Full Answer )

Why would the temperature in Laos be higher year round than Sweden?

Laos is a country in southern Asia close the the equator, anything near the equator is going to have a tropical climate, Sweden is at the top of the north-eastern end of Europe near the artic circle, one is near somthing hot making the climate hot, the other is clod making its climate cold

Where is the Year round temperature 60-80 degrees in the U.S.?

Generally, southern California, specifically San Diego near the ocean (not inland) is stable and in that range. Same with parts of Los Angeles that aren't too far inland. Go to weather.com, type in a city, hit enter, click "10 day", then scroll down and click "averages", then look at the daytime ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended temperature for a hospital room?

Normal and ideal Room temperature is a common term to denote a certain temperature to which humans are accustomed. Room temperature is thus often indicated by general human comfort, with the common range of 20 degree c (68 degree F) to 27 °C (80 °F), though people may become acclimatized to h ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended temperature for bath water for a 52 year old diabetic woman?

The bath water should be kept below 104 F max ., or lower if you have sensitive skin. Water should be warm enough to increase circulation for the diabetic, but not hot enough to burn skin. Check the bath water with a thermometer in the beginning. Later, when you're more sure of yourself, you can ( Full Answer )

Which country would be generally have a higher temperature year-round Laos or Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia is no longer a country, but that area now houses parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. As the capital of Yugoslavia was Belgrade, the current capital of Serbia, we will use the data from this city in comparison to that of Vientiane (Laos' capital). I ( Full Answer )

What is the year round temperature in Nashville TN?

The climate of Nashville is humidsubtropical. Winters are short and mild. January temperaturesaverage in the 40s during the day and upper 20s at night. Annualsnowfall in Nashville averages 7 inches. Spring and fall bringcomfortable conditions to Nashville. Summers are long and hot.During July, the w ( Full Answer )