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That would be the laser sensor of the mouse.

Wireless mouse tend to have laser sensors and Optical the ones with cord. They utilizes light-emitting diodes (LED) or laser as a method of tracking movement.

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the laser sensor, to detect movement, if it doesn't have a ball!

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Q: What is the red light of the mouse?
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Why does the light on a mouse have to be red?

The light on a mouse does not have to be red. Some computer mice have blue lights, it just depends on which colour light the manufacturer chooses.

What does a flashing red light mean on your rechargeable mouse?

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Inside an optical mouse is a ball that moves freely as you drag the mouse on a surface?

FALSEAn Optical Mouse replaces the ball in a standard mouse with a microchip, miniature red light or laser light, and camera.Guide to HardwareChapter 8Page 316You're welcome :)

How do you get red of mouse?

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Why computer mouse having blue or green colour light?

It reflects the state of the battery. green is good, red is dying slowly.

What type of computer mouse uses a light to move?

laser mouse needed a light to move.

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A basic no-frills optical mouse will usually cost only a few dollars more than a basic no-frills mechanical mouse. There are many mouses on the market however which come with lots of frills, these are usually optical, and may well be very expensive.

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