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the laser sensor, to detect movement, if it doesn't have a ball!

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2009-08-28 16:22:14
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Q: What is the red light of the mouse?
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Why does the light on a mouse have to be red?

The light on a mouse does not have to be red. Some computer mice have blue lights, it just depends on which colour light the manufacturer chooses.

What does a flashing red light mean on your rechargeable mouse?

Recharge the mouse.

What colour red are Mickey Mouse's red pants?

dark red wit a hite light red

What is an infrared mouse?

The mouse uses infrared light to pick up signals of movement from the mouse and transfer them to movement on the screen. It is much more accurate and can be faster than the response on a standard ball mouse. If you pick up the mouse and it has a red light shining from the bottom it is an infrared mouse.

Inside an optical mouse is a ball that moves freely as you drag the mouse on a surface?

FALSEAn Optical Mouse replaces the ball in a standard mouse with a microchip, miniature red light or laser light, and camera.Guide to HardwareChapter 8Page 316You're welcome :)

What is the difference between optical and ball mouse?

It's to do with how the movement of the mouse isconverted into signal. A ball mouse uses a small marble sized ball that is rolled around underneath the mouse in a compartment. The sideways and up/down movement of the ball is converted by the mouse into an signal that tells the CPU how the mouse is moving. An optical mouse has no ball, but uses light, emitting red light onto a surface and tracking movement of the mouse by how this light is reflected back.

How do you get red of mouse?

Shoot it or mouse traps

What is the red light at the bottom of a computer mouse?

That would be the laser sensor of the mouse.Wireless mouse tend to have laser sensors and Optical the ones with cord. They utilizes light-emitting diodes (LED) or laser as a method of tracking movement.

What does a computer mouse sense?

It senses movement (the roller ball), light (uses red LED to project light onto a tracking surface) and pressure (when you click).

What mouse emits and senses light?

Optical Mouse

Why there AREN'T two buttons on Mickey Mouse's red pants?

Because Mickey Mouse doesn't have buttons on his red pants. However Mickey Mouse does have two polka dots on his Mickey Mouse's red pants.

What type of computer mouse uses a light to move?

laser mouse needed a light to move.

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