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What is the red light on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier that looks like a radiator with waves in it and how do you get it to go off?


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2008-04-23 14:06:46
2008-04-23 14:06:46

Sitting in the driver's seat, facing forward, the white coolant tank is on your right side inner fender wall. At the bottom front of the tank, there's a connector attached. This connector is for that coolant level indicator on the dash. Unplug it to see if this turns off the indicator, if so, consider replacing the sensor that you just unplugged or just leave it unplugged if you know for sure the tank is filled with coolant by regularly checking the level. This is the low level indicator for the coolant liquid. The coolant tank is white and is locate on the left of the engine compartment. Fill it to the hot line if the engine is hot or to the cold line if the engine is cold. just filling the tank doesnt always fix that light problem. Try tapping the overflow tank lightly with a hammer to get the air bubble out and trip the sensor that will work


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it looks like a radiator with coolant in! it should be red.

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under the hood on the passenger side looks like a little grill with a plug or 2 in it !---------------!=! !---------------! !==== !---------------!=! !---------------!=! !---------------! !==== !---------------!=!

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On the dash the indicator light looks like a square box that looks like a radiator with a wavy line that looks like water and has an arrow pointing down telling you the radiator water is down. If the coolant reservoir is full, the float is stuck. Simply remove the 10mm screw that holds it down, lift it up with hoses attached and shake it until the light goes off. OR, you can check the float by getting a small wire, unplugging the float wire harness from the coolant reservoir and putting both ends of the little wire in the wire harness plug. If the light goes out... shake the coolant is stuck.

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it looks like a transmission or the check engine light will come on

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