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What is the registration number in ssc certificate?


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where can i find the registration number in ssc certificate

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The SSC certificate is a certificate that is given upon successful completion of the Secondary School Certificate Examination. This exam is given in India and is a public examination for students.

Ssc board certificate will be delivered to your school. You have to collect it from there.

Naturalization number can be found in the person's naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship. It is different from the USCIS registration number

ssc stands for senior secondary certificate. hsc stands for higher secondary certificate

SSC is itself the abbreviation of Secondary School Certificate

To get an SSC board certificate, you have to request one. There will also be a test that you have to take, and pass, in order to get certification that is legal.

The difference between license certificate and registration certificate, is that, license certificate can be acquired through graduating and taking special examination. While registration certificate, relates to certificate in getting for example; business.

Secondary School Certificate.

i want to change my date of birth in my ssc certificate i want to apply the past port please accept my request

It should be "SSL certificate" i.e Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

Secondary School Certificate

ssc is abbreviation for senior secondary certificate that means 12th standard in INDIA ...!!

An SSC certificate is an Indian document. To request a change of Father's name, an application must be filled out and returned with supporting documents.

contact of ssc board in hyderabad near to abids. what can i do in certificate my name is wrong.

An illegal alien can get an alien registration number by filing for one from the INS Bureau. The illegal alien will need to show proof of identity such as a birth certificate.

A certificate of boat registration must be carried on the boat when the boat is in operation. If the registration is not on the boat the owner could be fined.

Secondary School Certificate

secondary school certificate

A Certificate or Registration is given to the pharmacist upon registration in Hong Kong as stated in Schedule 9 of Cap. 138. A duplicate certificate may be issued by the Secretary if needed for a good reason.

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the chassis no is in your UK registration certificate witch comes with the car.. James

secondary school certificate examination

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how to get hall ticket number of ssc 2012

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