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Your sister is great aunt to your daughter's child. The child is your sisters great nephew (if a boy) or great niece (if a girl).

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child. The father is related to his sister which would be an aunt to this child, but the child s the aunts niece and this is their relation.

When your sister or brother has a baby girl, the child is your neice (pronounced NEECE). When your brother or sister has a baby boy, the child is your nephew.

If your father's third cousin is an uncle because his brother or sister has a child, then that child and you are fourth cousins.If your father's third cousin is an uncle because his wife has a brother or sister who has a child, then that child and you are not related to each other.

No relation whatsoever. You will be an aunt or uncle to your sister's child and your brother-in-law's sister will be the child's aunt, but that's as close as it gets.

The child of a first cousin is a first cousin once removed.

If your son's half-sister is not your child, then you are not related to her baby. If she is your child, then her baby is your grandchild.

Half sister is when they have a different father. If your mom got remarried and had a kid with your step dad, it'd be your half sister(if it's a girl, of course.). A step sister is when your mom or dad gets remarried and their spouse already had a child and you have to relation to him/her.

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law. His niece is a child of one of his siblings, and is also a niece of your sister by marriage. There is no relation to you.

No. There is no relation between either.

Second cousins once removed. They would be your mother/father's second cousins.

Your child and your niece are first cousins to each other. Your child and your niece's child are first cousins, once removed.

miss/misses sister/sisters gal/gals child/children daughter/daughters princess/princesses

Actually Michelle is Kiely's legal guardian. No. There are no relation between the two, although Kiely's sister name is Michelle Williams but not the same Michelle from Destiny's Child

It depends. If your mom had a child with another man, that child would be your step sister. But if your step sister's mom had her sister with somebody else, you wouldn't be related by blood. In other words if you share no parents in common, but are only related to each other through a shared half-sister then you would be cross siblings. ( answer:You would call her a half sister because she has one of the same parents as you - and most sisters have the same two parents (the definition of sister is: a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents ) - so she only qualities to half of a sister by definition.

Your father's sister and your mother's sister are both your aunts, and your mother's sister's son is your first cousin. But your mother's sister and your father's sister are not related to each other, and neither is the child of one related to the other. They do not share a common ancestor.

Your grandfather and his sister had children (a first generation), your dad and her child (a second generation). Your dad and that child are first cousins. You are in the third generation and your relation to your dad's first cousin makes you a first cousins once removed because you are in the third generation.

Your mother's sister is your aunt. Your aunt's child would be your first cousin. Since the child of your cousin is a generation away from you, they would be your first cousin once removed.

So if your here Grandma your sister i dont think would be anything maybe a Great Aunty because your Sister is your Daughters Aunty. I think, sorry if im wrong. I hope i have been helpful. The Daughter's child is either male or female therefor the answer must be Grand nephew or Grand niece

what is happening to our family i honestly don't understand what hell you are saying

The child of your mother's sister is your first cousin.

Queen Elizabeth was the only child of Anne Bolyen who lived to maturity, but she was not the only child of Henry VIII. She did have a half sister who she is buried with in Westminster Abbey, who was Queen Mary (a catholic). Both were daughters of Henry VIII

Your cousin would either be your father's sibling's child, or your mother's sibling's child. That would make them his niece/nephew.

there is no relation between child personality and life with types of blood either they are the same or different.

your cousin's child will be your 2nd cousin.