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Ion product < Ksp Unsaturated solution

Ion product = Ksp Saturated solution

Ion product > Ksp Supersaturated solution

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Not necessarily. Although saturation means that the solution cannot get concentrated anymore, it does not mean that the concentration is high, as there might be solutions that a saturated at low concentrations.

a supersaturated solution is more saturated from a saturated solution

if sugar is added to a saturated solution then the solution will become a super saturated solution

the solution which is saturated that is it has a solid added in it

A solute dissolves in a solvent to form a solution; all the time that more of the solute can be dissolved it is unsaturated, but once the solution can hold no more of the solute it has become saturated.

This solvent is saturated with that solute. Saturation equilibrium.

a solution which contain more solute than saturated solution

there are 3 types of solutions. they are saturated solution, unsaturated solution and super saturated solution.

A graph can illustrate what solution is saturated and unsaturated. If the point is on the line, then the solution is saturated, while if is below the line, the solution is unsaturated.

How a saturated solution can become supersaturated?

it become un saturated solution

By precipitation out of a saturated solution or by evaporation from a saturated solution.

Saturated means that no more solute can be dissolved in the solution.

A solution is said to be saturated when no more solute can be dissolve in it.

The solution is saturated when no more solute dissolves in the solvent.

The easiest way to determine if the solution is saturated or not is not really very 'scientific.' Remove a sample and, drop a bit of the solute into it. If the additional solute dissolves, the solution is not saturated. If it does not, the solution is saturated.

Saturated solution is a solution that did dissolve to the maximum capacity. Unsaturated solution is a solution that didn't dissolve to the maximum capacity.

Two methods: - heating of the saturated solution - adding solvent

This is called a saturated (or eventually a 'super-saturated') solution

you can tell when the solution is soluble NOT TRUE.

When you add water to the saturated solution, there is more solvent to dissolve the solute. The saturated solution becomes diluted, so it is no longer saturated.

first, table salt is not a saturated solution, because you can't see through it. it needs to be liquid, and solutions become a saturated solution when you put as much as you can in the water. now, it's a solution and it is saturated.

why must saturated salt solution be added to the reaction mixture?