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Mass is uniformly distributed about its center of mass.

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The center of mass is a geometrical measurement not considering the weight distribution. The center of gravity is one location on a particular mass structure where the distribution of weight is the same no matter the direction of the measurement as it pertains to that one particular mass structure.

The more mass the greater the gravity. Mass equals gravity.

Center of Mass is dependent on the distribution of the weight throughout the body; Whereas Geometric center is independent of the mass of the body and is the central point of the system based on its geometry (shape and size).

well the relationship between mass and force is..........*relationship... Force=mass x acceleration

Distribution of the mass of the object.

The relationship between mass communication and sociology

Describe the relationship between mass and weight.

Center of gravity is the average position of the distribution of the weight of an object. For objects near the earth's surface, center of gravity is the same location as center of mass. This is because weight and mass are proportional.

density is the measure that describes the relationship between mass and volume

The more massive a body, the greater the inertia.

The center of gravity always lies within an object, and is the location at which the entire mass can be considered acting at a single point.For a system of more than one object, the center of gravity can lie anywhere between the farthest points of the objects, depending on the distribution of mass. The center of mass is called the barycenter.

An object's center of mass accounts for why objects, like a broom, can stand on its own. Center of mass means that all of the object's mass is even around one center or point. "The center of mass of a body may be defined as the average location of the mass distribution."

They are in orbit around their common center of mass. Gravity and centrifugal force are in balance.

mass corresponds to inertia there isn't any mathematical relationship

Since gravity is produced by mass, the center of mass is also the center of gravity. The only difference between these two concepts is that mass is a more basic quantity, so the center of mass would also be the center of inertia, as well as the center of gravity. In practice, these terms can be used interchangeably.

There is no intrinsic relationship between mass and length or diameter. A line segment or diameter has no mass. So you can double its length and the mass remains unchanged.

They orbit about their mutual center of gravity, which is in between the two because they have similar mass. Other planets have the center of gravity inside them.

Besides the fact that a mass needs to have some sort of shape there is no relationship.

The strength of gravity between 2 bodies depends on your mass and the planet's mass, and the distance between the center of your mass and the center of the planet's mass.

The mass will not affect the perio