What is the relationship between genotype to phenotype?

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genotype is the genetic makeup and phenotype is the physical makeup.
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What are Genotype and Phenotype?

Genotype refers to the genetic traits in an organism. It has to do with the genetic coding of an organism. Such coding is inheritable . The genotype is the genetic load that is copied every time a cell divides, and therefore is inherited down to the next generation. . genotype is something y ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between genotype and phenotype?

Genotype are the unseen differences in genetic combinations of anindividual. Phenotypes are the expressed and seen differences of anindividual. A genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism with reference to asingle trait, set of traits, or an entire complex of trait; thatis, genotype is the type ( Full Answer )

What are the differences and similarities between phenotypes and genotypes?

The genotype of an organism is the group of characteristics derived from a combination of heredity and environmental factors. Genotype is based on genetic factors only. . phenotypes are the genes that an organism carries. For example, the gene for blue eyes could be b and the gene for brown eyes co ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between genotypes and phenotypes?

The difference between genotypes and phenotypes is simple: Phenotypes are the physical traits that are determined by the genotype. For example: Let's say that AA means attached earlobes. The AA is the genotype and the attached earlobes are the phenotype.

What is the difference between phenotypes and genotypes?

A genotype describes the genetic constitution of an individual, that is the specific allelic makeup of an individual, usually with reference to a specific character under consideration. For instance, there are three possible genotypes for the human albino gene, and it has two allelic forms, domina ( Full Answer )

What are Phenotypes and Genotypes?

Genotype and phenotype are very similar-sounding words that are related, but actually mean different things. Whereas genotype is the set of genes responsible for a particular trait, phenotype is the physical expression of that trait. For example, two organisms that have even the minutest diff ( Full Answer )

The Phenotype determines genotype?

Genotype is the actual set of genes (called alleles which match the same location of each pair of chromosomes) carries by an organism (or in other words, the letter the gene gets).. In contrast, phenotype is the observable characters and traits (genes). In other words, what genes show up.

What are the differences between a phenotype and a genotype?

Phenotype means the characters which are observed in the organism. These characters are physical changes which may be directly seen on the organism.. Genotype means the genetic constitution of the organism. The genotype results in the phenotype.. A genotype is the actual composition of the ( Full Answer )

Whats the difference between a genotype and a phenotype?

A genotype is the information carried by an organism in it's DNA... essentially the information carried as genes. ie. you may have a genotype of Bb for a a particular gene, let's say brown hair (one dominant allele, and one recessive allele) A phenotype is the expression of those genes according ( Full Answer )

Define the terms phenotype and genotype?

Genotype is the alleles (different forms of a gene) which an individual has with respect to a particular characteristic. The Phenotype is how these genes are expressed in an individual.

What is meant by genotype and phenotype?

Hi! The genotype is meant the by the type of alleles that are present for the genes (ie. Genetic Makeup) The phenotype is the visible characteristic for the trait. For example: When a tall and a short pea plant are cross fertilized, the phenotype of the resultant plant would be tall, but the actual ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between phenotype and genotype?

The relationship between phenotype and genotype is that they bothare part of genetics. Phenotypes are expressed on the outside ofthe organism while genotypes are the genetic make ups of theorganism.

Different between genotype phenotype?

\ngenotype is the genes involved for example the letters: GG, Gg, or gg\n. \nphenotype is the characteristic you see because of the genotype\n. \nthe genotype tell what the phenotype will be\n. \nfor example:\nif G is green and g is white\n. \nGG will have a green phenotype\nGg will have a green ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a genotypic ratio and a phenotypic ratio?

Let's start at the beginning. A genotype is the allele combination for a specific trait. For example, the trait you inherit from your parents for tallness; the genotype may be Tt. The phenotype is the physical appearance. For example, long brown hair, blue eyes, etc. A phenotypic ratio is a ratio ( Full Answer )

What genotype results in the same phenotype?

The genotype is the genes inherited. Phenotype is the expression of that genotype. Phenotype is determined by recessive, dominance, co-dominance.

Genotype AA produces what phenotype?

The genotype AA represents a homozygous dominant genotype. The capital letter "A" represents the dominant allele, while the lowercase letter "a" would represent the recessive allele. If both dominant alleles are present in a genotype (homozygous dominant) then the phenotype is "A" phenotype. If one ( Full Answer )

If you have blue eyes are you a phenotype or genotype?

Blue eyes is an example of a phenotype. A genotype is the genetic code for a characteristic and a phenotype is the physical appearance of that characteristic. Blue eyes, brown hair, dark skin, and long fingers are all examples of phenotypes.

How do you get the genotype of the phenotype?

The Genotype Delineation is like a snapshot of what is going on in Total in the Entire Chromosome Mass at one Time, while the Phenotype is completely and 'exclusively' the End Result of the machinations that occur under control of the Cellular Genotype . That having been said, The Phenotype ele ( Full Answer )

What are examples of a genotype and a phenotype?

Genotype relates to the genetic makeup of an individual, and refers to all the genes on your chromosomes, whereas phenotype refers to the physical attributes that exist as a result of the genotype. Taking eye colour as an example, your phenotype will be brown eyes, and your genotype will be the two ( Full Answer )

What phenotype is produced by genotypes?

A phenotype could be eye colour, as a phenotype is the outcome of what your genes contain (Like eye colour, hair colour etc. but not the features influenced by the enviroment.)

What is the connection between genotype and phenotype?

Your genotype determines your phenotype. Your genotype is the genetic makeup you have for a certain trait, for example, eye color, and your phenotype is the physical outcome of that gene. Say brown is dominant and blue is recessive, and your genotype for eye color is heterozygous brown, or Bb. You w ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between phenotype and a genotype an What is a example of each?

A phenotype is a physical characteristic of an organism, such as a tall pea plant. An organism's genotype is the specific gene combination that makes up a characteristic using Punnett Square. For example, a tall pea plant might have a genotype of TT or Tt, whereas a small pea plant may have a genoty ( Full Answer )

How is genotype and phenotype compared?

Genotype is the allele combination and phenotype is the physical appearance of the result of the genotype. Genotype for tallness may be: Tt Phenotype example: Brown hair, blue eyes, widow's peak, etc.

How do you determine phenotypes if genotypes are given?

The phenotype is what the genes make the characteristics look like. For example, if EE is for large eyes, and ee is for small eyes, you can determine the phenotypes from these. If the genotype is EE or Ee, the person has large eyes. If the person is ee, then he or she has small eyes. Normally, ( Full Answer )

Which genotype results in a female phenotype?

XXY-Klinefelter syndrome People with Klinefelter syndrome are also tall male phenotype. They are sterile, may show mild mental impairment, and may develop enlarged breast because of the extra X chromosome.

What do the terms genotype and phenotype mean?

The genotype is the genetic makeup of a cell, an organism, or an individual usually with reference to a specific character under consideration. A phenotype is the composite of an orgnism's observable characteristics or traits: such as its morphology, evelopment, biochemical or physiological pro ( Full Answer )

How does a genotype result in a phenotype?

A phenotype is the actual result that you can actually see, whereas the genotype is the allele or gene that causes the phenotype. Lets say that brown hair is dominant and which is caused by an allele that we'll represent with B, and lets say that red hair is cause by a recessive allele that we'll re ( Full Answer )

What are all the genotypes and phenotypes?

Genotypes are the specific allele combinations that an individual contains pertaining to a certain trait. Phenotypes are what is expressed due to the genotype. (recessive/dominant/codominant)

How do you determine the genotype for the dominant phenotype?

Definitions: phenotype is the constellation of observable traits; genotype is the genetic endowment of the individual. Phenotype = genotype + development (in a given environment). To consider these in the context of evolutionary biology, we want to know how these two are related. In a narrow "ge ( Full Answer )

How do you determine ratios for genotype and phenotype?

You do it by using a Punnett Square. For example- if two mice breed and have the traits Bb and BB (B= brown hair and b=black hair) then you can determine it like this: B B B BB BB b Bb Bb The parent genes go on either side, and are pulled down one at a time to determine the possibilities. The ( Full Answer )

Can you predict the genotype based on the phenotype?

To a degree, but it really depends on the particular gene you are considering. For example, in the case of genes with dominant and recessive alleles, if you observe a recessive phenotype, you can infer that the genotype must be two copies of the recessive allele. But if you see a dominant phenotype, ( Full Answer )

How do you distinguish between genotype and phenotype heterozygous and homozygous and dominant and recessive?

Genotype is the organism's full heredity information that may ormay not be expressed. Actual observed properties are the phenotype.The phenotype is dependent on the genotype. Genes are homozygous when the same allele (form of the gene)inherited from both parents is the same. When different forms of ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between genotype and phenotype and give examples?

genotype are the arrangement of genes in an organism and phenotype is the physical appearance of the organism. Ex. Lets say a plant has the genotype TT for its color, which is pink and another plant has the genotype tt and its color is white. These two plants produce an offspring with the genotype ( Full Answer )

What is the genotype and phenotype of homozygous?

The fact that something is homozygous has nothing to do with it's genotype or phenotype. A genotype is the allele representation (Tt). A phenotype is the physical representation (tall).

How do you calculate a phenotype or genotype ratio?

Simple calculations can be done using a punnet square if the genetics of the parents are known. If the offspring are being examined the phenotypic ratio can be calculated by observation. Genotype can be more problematic. Homozygous recessive traits will have an obvious phenotype with a matching gen ( Full Answer )

How does an organisms genotype determine its phenotype?

By transcribing the code, which is unique to each organism and general to that species, that builds the proteins that express the phenotype; the physiological and behavioral traits of organisms.

Does a genotype determine its phenotype?

The genotype against the immediate environment and developmental processes. Each organism has a unique environment too. Think about it. Even identical twins are not totally their genotype because they are subject to not only the same environment, usually, but the unique experiences and formative pro ( Full Answer )

Is hair type a genotype or a phenotype?

A phenotype. Phenotypes are observable, physical traits. Genotypeshave to do with the genetic coding. Since hair type is visible, itis a phenotype.

What is the difference between a phenotype and genotype give an example?

The genotype is the set of alleles that an organism inherits for a trait. The phenotype is the expression of the genotype. For example, black coat color (B) in mice is dominant over white coat color (b). A mouse with the genotype Bb, will have the black coat color phenotype.

What genotype is produced by the phenotype B?

Genotypes are not created by phenotypes, they are the alleles/genesof the organism. Genotypes (in combination with environment)produce phenotypes. It would be expected that the genotypes Bb and BB would produce thephenotype B.