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The relation ship of two is to refer on the data on channels in cpu,,, so that is the relationship.

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Q: What is the relationship between southbridge and northbridge?
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Describe differences between northbridge and southbridge?

describe differences between northbridge and southbridge?

Indentify the functions of the northbridge and southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

The Southbridge chipset manages onboard peripheral devices The Northbridge chipset manages communication between the CPU, memory, and the Southbridge chipset

Which part of the chipset connects directly to the processor the northbridge or southbridge?


Is ati sb600 a northbridge or southbridge?


Which are the chip sets on a computer motherboard?

The chipset of a motherboard consists of both Northbridge and Southbridge. Northbridge is the faster component, as it handles things such RAM and CPU. Southbridge on the other hand, takes things slow and handles components of the motherboard such as USB, Ports (audio, speaker, mic). The Northbridge and Southbridge must be made by the same manufacturer. For example, you cannot put a Northbridge AMD on a motherboard with Southbridge Intel.

Identify the functions of the Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

Communication between the CPU and the RAM and PCI Express slots

Why is the northbridge faster than the southbridge?


What is the definition of southbridge chipset?

The Southbridge, also known as an I/O Controller Hub (ICH) or a Platform Controller Hub (PCH) in Intel systems (AMD, VIA, SiS and others usually use 'southbridge'), is a chip that implements the "slower" capabilities of the motherboard in a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer architecture.The southbridge can usually be distinguished from the northbridge by not being directly connected to the CPU. Rather, the northbridge ties the southbridge to the CPU. Through the use of controller integrated channel circuitry, the northbridge can directly link signals from the I/O units to the CPU for data control and access.

What is the differences between the southbridge and the northbridge?

The north and south bridge refer to the data channels to the CPU. The memory goes to CPU using the north bridge. And the mouse, keyboard, CD ROM, HDD, ext data flows to the CPU using the southbridge. The northbridge is the portion of the chipset HUB that connects faster I/O buses (for example, an AGP bus) to the system bus. Northbridge chip tends to be larger than the southbridge chip. The southbridge is the HUB that connects to slower I/O buses (for example, an ISA bus) to the system bus. The Northbridge and the Southbridge are known as the chipset on the motherboard. These set of chips collectively control the memory cache, external bus, and some peripherals. There is a fast end of the hub, and there is a slow end of the hub. The fast end of the hub is the Northbridge, containing the graphics and memory controller connecting to the system bus. The slower end of the hub is the Southbridge, containing the I/O controller hub.

What are the two key chips or chipsets on a motherboard?

Outside of the CPU and the memory, the two main chips on the motherboard are the Northbridge and the Southbridge. Traditionally, the Northbridge contained the AGP controller, the memory controller, and the bus to the CPU. It is also connected to the Southbridge which is connected to the peripheral bus, the BIOS, the front panel, the keyboard, sound, and the hard drive controller. So functionally speaking, the Northbridge is closest to the CPU and the memory, and the Southbridge is closest to the user.

What does a northbridge do in a computer?

It depends on the type of CPU used. Originally, the northbridge chip served as a memory controller, AGP bus controller, and system bus. It interfaced with the CPU, the RAM, and the southbridge chip. The southbridge connected to about everything else. But most of the northbridge functions are now done by the CPU in many computers. The memory controller and sometimes even graphics are in the CPU these days.

How are output devices connected to the CPU?

Output devices are connected to the CPU through the northbridge and southbridge, (collectively called the chipset) but they connect to different devices. The northbridge connects to the graphics output, while the southbridge connects to all other output devices (sound, storage, network, and others).