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Q: What is the release date for Smallville season 7 in the UK?
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When is Smallville season 9 UK release date?

The release date is February 2010.

When is the release date of 'Smallville' Season 9 on DVD?

The US DVD was released on September 7, 2010 Smallville season 9 will be available on DVD mid-October in the UK.

Is Smallville season 10 starting right after season 9 ends in UK?

Smallville season 10 has not yet been given a air date for the UK but will air in the US on 24 September 2010.

What month does Smallville season 9 air in the UK?

i have it on good authority that smallville series 9 willair in the UK on e4 on 15 April or around that date, its still to be tied to the specific date...

When does Smallville season 8 come in the UK?

its on now on e4 Tuesday evenings smallville season 8

Smallville season 9 UK air date?

25th September for the US. In 2010 for the UK. Actually it starts on June 1st on E4 XXX

Smallville season seven air date for UK?

The official statement from E4 (as of April 08) is "at present we have not confirmed scheduling plans for season 7 of SMALLVILLE."... so not much help... WB is said to have the UK DVD release of season 7 slated for September though, so that would put it as probably airing later Summer/early Autumn 08.

When is Smallville season 9 being in the UK?

well smallville is on channel 4 season 8 so probably they would show season 9 to

Smallville season 8 UK air date?

Due to the new broadcasting laws between the US and UK. The UK can now broadcast American shows 2 days after it has been viewed in the US. The reason for this is stop illegal downloading. The UK used to be able to only watch US shows about 6 months after. This means that Smallville Season 8 can be shown on E4 straight after season 7 has finished so that it will only be a few days behind the US. Season 8 WILL be the FINAL season of smallville. NOVEMBER ON E4

When will Smallville series 10 UK air date?


When will Smallville be aired in the UK and will it be on e4?

it is on now on tuesdays and is season 8

The unit season 4 DVD release date?

October 2009 in the UK

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