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What is the release date for the video game Halo 3?

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September 25th, 2007 [Released]

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What is the date release for halo reach game?

Fall 2010

When did the video game Halo 3 become popular?

It became popular on September 25th 2007. It was popular on its release date even before that.

What is the scheduled release date for the game 'Halo Wars'?

Halo Wars is to be released January 21, 2009.

When is halo reach out?

The Release date for this game is September 14, 2010 on a tuesday.

What is the release date of Lego Narnia the video game?


What is the release date for the xbox 360 game halo 3 odst?

September 22, 2009

What is drakes favorite video game?

Drakes favourite video game is Halo Reach.

Is LEGO Halo a video game?

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

What is The release date of Ghostbusters the video game?

june 6th 2009

What is the release date for 2k14 video game?

April 20, 2013

Who invented the video game halo?


What does Halo have to do with Computers?

"Halo" is the name of a popular video game series published by Microsoft Game Studios.

What was the halo 1 PC game release date?

Sept 30, 2003 Sept 30, 2003

What date was halo the game released?

I am pretty sure that the first Halo game 'Halo Combat Evloved' was first released in 2006.

What does search mean in the new video game halo search?

it called Halo Reach

Popular video games?

The most popular video game is Halo reach

Who was the Video Game designer for the Halo Series?

Is there proof of Lego Halo the video game?


What is the worst video game of 2011?

Halo Inversity

What is the best video game of 2012?

Halo 4

What is the most popular kids video game?


Why is halo ending?

Every Video Game has to end. Bungie has made the last halo. Not the last Halo Game. Bungie has given the Halo Franchise over to 343 Studios. They have said they MIGHT make another Halo Game.

Which came first halo or Call of Duty?

The first Call of Duty video game was relased October 29, 2003. The first Halo video game was released on November 15, 2001. Halo came first.

How do you make a video in halo reach?

To make a video in Halo: Reach, you must first play a game, obviously. After the game, navigate to the main menu, and choose the Theater option. there, you can choose what game to take video clips from, and record different parts of your game.

Where could someone watch funny Halo video game videos?

Youtube is the best place for funny videos. If you are a fan of Halo, you can find funny Halo video game videos to watch that will provide you with the laugh that you are looking for.

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