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what is the main religion if the aborigine people

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Is aboriginal a religion?

No. Aboriginal is an adjective describing a race. It refers to the indigenous people of an area. The noun is Aborigine, and it is not a religion either.

How do you use the word aboriginal in a sentence?

Islam is an aboriginal religion.

How tall are aborigine people?

It is Aboriginal people, and how long is a piece of rope? As with any race Aboriginal people vary in height, colour, sex and religion. The average height of a man is 165cms if that is any help.

Is aboriginal spiritualty a religion?

There is not only one type of Aboriginal Dream- Time, but hundreds. To my knowledge, they are all classed as religion.

What is aboriginal dreaming?

aboriginal dreaming is their creation stories, dreaming is similar to religion.

How would you describe the aboriginal religion?

Which one? They weren't one homogenous group of people, after all.

What is there religion of the aboriginal tribe?

if you are talking about the Australian aboriginal tribe's it would be the dream time

What did the aboriginal people wear?

Aboriginal people from what land?

What was the policy of integration and How was it different to assimilation?

The policy of integration allowed Aboriginal people to practice their culture and religion while living amongst people of other cultures and religions. Assimilation on the other hand was a policy to absorb Aboriginal people into white society.

What do aboriginal people believe?

The aboriginal Faith

How do you make sentence for aboriginal?

aboriginal people were one of the first people

Where do aboriginal people stay?

Aboriginal people are found and live in Australia.

What did the aboriginal people have to trade?

The Aboriginal people traded fur and skills.

Who are aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people refer to the native race of Australian people. Aboriginal Australians were also found on islands close to Australia.

What do aboriginal spears do?

Aboriginal spears kill many animals and the aboriginal people cooked and ate! But some people steel aboriginal children and treat them terribly.

When did aboriginal people invent the canoe?

aboriginal people invent the canoe at midday

What is dream time in a aboriginal times?

The dreamtime was the Aborigines religion.

Who made aboriginal dot paintings?

Aboriginal people

What does aboriginal religion mean to refer to?

That would simply refer to a religion of the original inhabitants of a land. Typically, animism is a common factor in aboriginal religions but the term does not exclude other forms.

What is Aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people are people before colonization, normally called indigenous people. Term "Aboriginal" is normally applied to people who inhabited Australia before European colonization.

How many people are in one family aboriginal?

they are about 30 people in one aboriginal family

Difference between Christianity and aboriginal religion?

Christianity is specifically belief of Jesus as Savior. Aboriginal religions vary as to gods and practices.

Who are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the indigenous people of Australia.

How did the Australian aboriginal people get the materials to make their clothes?

The Australian aboriginal people wore no clothes.

What does Campbelltown mean aboriginal?

"Campbelltown" is an English name, not aboriginal. The aboriginal people of the Campbelltown were the Tharawal tribe.