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0150 for 32 inch or 1224 for 27 inch Try these

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Remote control codes?

Remote code for 27in Pentus TV Plasma Screen Remote code for 27in Pentus TV Plasma Screen

What is the Universal remote code numbers for dynex tv?

The remote code for a dynex television for a universal remote is 10463. The code for a TiVo remote is 0091.

What is the remote code for arc-u1 remote?

remote code for arc-u1 remote on lg tv

Need code for axession remote?

need the code for magnovox tv for this remote

Remote Code for Sony Blu Ray Player?

The remote for code is blue.

What is remote code for kenmark TVs?

remote code for tv/dvd kenmark

TV code for vizio for directv remote?

I have a Vizio VO22LF monitor. The remote code we used for DTV remote was 10056. It's a Hitachi code.

Source code for remote desktop?

Remote Desktop is proprietary; the source code is not available.

What is the remote code for tcl model L40FHDF12TA?

Dish remote code for TCL is 503

Need remote code for Durabrand TV Model?

The remote code for a Durabrand TV Model will depend on the type of remote you own.

Coby remote code for cablevision remote?


What is the remote code for a Magnavox on a RCA remote?


WHAT IS THE Magnum television remote code?

The remote code number of my 22" magnum Tv is 38

What is the directv remote code for a FAVI model tv?

what is the direct remote code for a favi tv

What is a universal remote code for a spectroniq TV?

what is the phillips universal remote code for a spectronic tv

What is hisense code for sony remote?

1004 worked for m

What is the rca l32hd41 Verizon remote code?

There is no code. The remote is not code compatible. I called RCA on this too. Your only option I think is to get a learning remote like the Logitech Harmonys.

Remote codes for dynex tv?

i dont know what the code is to my dynex tv remote but i have a clemson universal remote and in the code booklet i cant find dynex in the booklet and what is the code

What is the code for the Sky Remote?

You can program your Sky Remote to your own cable box, but each code is different so there is no 1 answer to this question. You may have to reprogram your remote to a new code.

Whst is the remote code for Curtis LCD3227A for comcast remote?

The code for a Curtis TV using a Comcast remote is 11577. Good luck.

Where to unlock iPhone 4S?

From an authorised company that can provide you with a MAC code and unlock your handset.

What is the universal remote code for a nokia tv?

The universal remote code differs for each individual television.

Comcast remote code for Yamaha rx-v665?

comcast remote code for Yamaha receiver

What is the TiVo remote control code for a LG TV?

What is the tivo remote contol code for lg tv

What is the code for etec re3 remote control?

Philco Tv, I need the code. I have remote Etec RE3