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Minimum 1400, applicants whose score is closer to 1580 are more likely to be accepted. Approximately 11% of freshman applicants gain entrance generally those having ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class.

AnswerThe range stated on the College Board website (they write the test) is between 1400 and 1580 (that represents the middle 50% of entering freshman). AnswerIf you really want to get into Harvard, you need straight A+ and 5.0 GPA atleast. (4.0 is the minimum) Their fees each year are really high too. You need a stong recommendation from your teacher, a strong resume/essay. Mostly (All) students that attend Harvard are really Geniuses. If you attend Harvard, it will be easy for you to get a job. You need strong grades on the SAT & ACT tests. Use your time wisely on learning. You also need atleast one sports credit.
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According to the middle 50% of 1st year students scores on their SATs were: * Verbal: 680- 770 * Math: 690 - 790 So that is the area to try and aim for. If you are wondering about the test scores and other information about colleges is a good place to get the basic information you may need.

AnswerAt least a 2100 or above. With stellar recs and amazing EC's and overall personality. AnswerAccording to the SAT score preferred for entrance to Princeton University is:

Average SAT math score:700 - 790Average SAT writing score:700 - 780Average ACT score:31 - 35GPA score:3.88

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Q: What is the required SAT score to get into Harvard?
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