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Q: What is the result of rose the nose ordering ender to start the battle with a suicide mission?
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What are the effects of suicide on the individual?

If the suicide attempt is successful, the result is fatality.

What is battle of Tannenburg?

A World War One battle between Russia and Germany 26/30 August 1914.The result was the complete destruction of the Russian Second Army and the suicide of its commanding general, Alexander Sansonov

What was the key result of operation desert storm?

Mission: Remove Iraq from Kuwait. Result: Iraq was removed.

What is an effective means of suicide?

All those that result in your death

Is bullyingdrug abuse and broken family leads to suicide?

Yes in most cases. They have been report of suicide as a result of bullying.

What was result of battle of mame?

what hapend at the battle of mame?

How many kids percentage commit suicide because of being bulled?

10 percent will commit suicide as a result to being bullied

What can result from peer pressure?

Suicide, criminal acts and more pressure

Can suicide pass through your kids?

If you mean can they inherit the tendency to commit suicide, no. But they can have emotional problems that are a result of the family matrix, drug abuse, or other problems that may lead to suicide.

Does taking paracetamol when you dont need it and hoping it might kill you count as attempted suicide?

The result might be attempted suicide. If the dose is larger than your body can handle, then it would be suicide.

What was the result of the battle of charlestown?

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What was the result of the passchendaele battle?

neither side won the battle!