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Small errors or errors in insignificant parts of the chromosome may lead to no problems, but as the errors increase in size/scope you start having problems. Errors may cause proteins to have problems, causing property changes (shape, charge areas), functional changes (no longer able to catylize reactions), or even become problematic for the cell (buildup of junk, pirons). That, as well as other changes to the chromosome, may trigger apoptosis (cell death), mark for destruction by white blood cell, proliferation (cancer), and other transformations.

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Q: What is the result when errors occur in chromosomes?
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When does duplication of chromosomes occur?

when does the duplication of chromosomes occur?

What does it mean that the chromosomal aberration has a position effect?

Chromosomal aberrations occur when any of a number of structural changes in chromosomes. These changes result from abnormal divisions within the chromosomes, and may occur as a loss of the chromosome or the duplication of the chromosome.

In Jacob syndrome did the nondisjunction occur in the mother or father?

Jacob syndrome, 49XYY, has to occur as a result of nondisjunction in the father. The Jacob Syndrome male would have received the X chromosome from his mother, and both Y chromosomes from the father (since the Y chromosomes can not possibly have come from the mother). Jacob Syndrome can be the result of nondisjunction in meiosis.

How many chromosomes does a human cell that has been produced by the process of meiosis have?

After meiosis 2 in human cells are 23 chromosomes. Meiotic division occur only in reproductive cells because when spermatozoid and ovum combine they form again 46 chromosomes(23 pairs of chromosomes).

What changes in the chromosomes occur during meiosis?

waht changes in the chromosomes occur during meiosis

Chromosomes normally occur as homologous pairs in?

Chromosomes normally occur as homologous pairs in a diploid cell. These refers to matching pairs of chromosomes which are found in the cell.

Duplication of chromosomes occur in?

The replication of the chromosomes occurs during interphase.

What are sex chromosomes that result in male?

XY Chromosomes = Males XX Chromosomes = Females

What is a result if a species have homologous chromosomes?

It has pairs of matching chromosomes.

Why do karyotypes always show chromosomes at the point when cell division is about to occur?

They show chromosomes at the point when cell division is about to occur because the chromosomes are condensed and aligned which makes it easy to tell if there are the correct number and configurations of the chromosomes.

When do homologus chromosomes occur short answer please thankss?

Homologous chromosomes occur during meiosis. Meiosis reduces the chromosome number by half.

If mitosis occurs in a cell but cell division does not occur what is the result?

The cell will have double the number of chromosomes.