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What is the retina?

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the innermost light-sensitive membrane covering the back wall of the eyeball; it is continuous with the optic nerve

6 layers of cells that line the back of the eyeball.
One layer is sensitive to light and is the first step in turning light into vision.

These cells are a part of your brain.

The retina is the layer of cells in the back of the eyes responsible for detecting light, which in turn allows you to see. The specific cells responsible for detecting light are the photoreceptors, more commonly referred to as rods and cones.
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Where is the retina?

The retina is in the back of your eye.In your eye.

What is a dog's retina?

The retina is part of the eye

Which area of the eye contains photoreceptors?

the retinaThe retina

What is the treatment for a torn retina?


Where on the body will you find the retina?

you will find retina on eye.

Can you die of a torn retina?

You can not die from a torn retina.

Lens is part of retina?

No. Lens is in the front of retina.

Which organ system contains retina?

The retina is in the eye.

What is a the retina in the eye?

The retina is the white part of your eye.

Does retina miller have a boyfriend?

No, Retina Miller is a lesbian.

Retina is found in which part of the body?

The retina is in the eye.

Where does a convex lens make an image fall for a farsighted person A beyond the retina of the eye B before the retina of the eye C on the retina of the eye?

on the retina of the eye

The axons of the retina culminate in what nerve?

the axons of the retina culminate in the optic nerve which forms a blind spot on the retina

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of the retina?

Retinitis is the medical term for inflammation of the retina.Retinitis is inflammation of the retina.

Which organ system contains the retina?

The eye contains the Retina

How many layers of the retina?

retina consist 10 layers

Is retina display better than an iPad?

Retina has a better screen resolution and more pixels, display is better on the Retina

Why Is your optic nerve attached to your retina?

Optic nerve is attached to retina because it carries message from retina to visual centers of brain .

Where does the lens on a pupil focus light?

Onto your retina. Onto your retina.

What is the plural of retina?

The plural form of retina is retinas. As in "your retinas are healthy".

Is the sheep's retina part of the sheep's brain?

No, the retina is a part of the eye.

Are rods in the retina are the receptors for color?

No, the cones in the retina are the color receptors.

What are the two parts of the retina?

The retinal pigment epithelium and the neural retina.

Why is the retina dependent on glucose?

The cells of the retina need glucose to get energy through a process called cellular respiration. Without glucose to the cells of the retina you can't see and the cells of the retina can't function.

Use retina in a sentence?

The retina had been ruptured causing the loss of vision