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What is the revenue for a lawyer?

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Q: What is the revenue for a lawyer?
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My ex-hushand is blackmailing with the inland revenue me to drop a child support case. what can you do?

Talk to the Authorities and a Lawyer. Blackmail is a CRIME.

Definition of incremental revenue?

Incremental Revenue is the increase of revenue between a new revenue and a previous revenue, thus the formula: Incremental Revenue = New Revenue - Previous Revenue

What is the meaning of average revenue and marginal revenue?

what is average revenue?

What is net revenue?

Net revenue is gross (total) revenue minus returns and any other negative revenue. (Expenses have nothing to do with Net Revenue. Net Revenue is NOT the same as profit.)

Is service revenue an asset or liability?

Services revenue is revenue same as product revenue and it is not an asset or liability of the business.

Where does accrued revenue go on the income statement?

Accrued revenue is added to revenue as it is the revenue which Is earned but amount not received.

Is operating revenue the same as net revenue?

Operating revenue is only revenue from basic business operating activities while net revenue is included both operating as well as revenue from non operating activities.

Gain on sale of land is an asset or revenue?

It's a revenue. However, it's not a "Sales revenue", it's a "Other revenue".

When was Lawyer Lawyer created?

Lawyer Lawyer was created in 1997.

Unearned revenue is a contra revenue account?

Unearned Revenue is a Liability Account

What is the journal entry for prepaid revenue?

prepaid revenue is debited and revenue is credited

Deferred revenue is revenue that is?


Is accrued revenue an asset?

no, its a revenue

What is a revenue?

A revenue is "incoming money".

What does lawyer do on the computer?

what does lawyer do on the computer what does lawyer do on the computer what does lawyer do on the computer

What is the duration of Lawyer Lawyer?

The duration of Lawyer Lawyer is 1.42 hours.

Is service revenue a debit or cedit?

Services revenue is also a revenue and like all revenue accounts which have credit balance as normal balance, services revenue also has a credit balance.

Where does other or rent revenue go on the income statement?

Other or rent revenue is also revenue which is not from basic operations of business that's why this revenue is shown as other revenue in income statement.

What type of revenue typically comprises net fee and commission income trading revenue and other income?

interbank revenue

What kind of lawyer earn the most money?

Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Lawyers. ... Corporate Lawyers. ... Bankruptcy Lawyers, Immigration Attorneys, and Probate Lawyers. ... IP and Patent Lawyers. ... Criminal Defense Lawyers. For more info visit - woodbridgelawfirm

What are revenue bills?

Bills that raise revenue

What is a good sentence with revenue in it?

i like to revenue.

What is the definition of dividend revenue?

it is when the revenue is dividend

A sentence for revenue?

I had to revenue the event at the park.

Is cash considered an asset or revenue?