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What is the rhythm of a free verse poem?


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There isn't a requirement of rhythm for a free verse poem.

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A poem with no rhythm or rhyme is typically called free verse. This type of poem can also be considered blank verse.

Free verse is when the poem has no structure in the stanzas at all. Structured verse can have the length be the same, end rhyme, or a rhythm to the poem

In no way is this poem free verse. It has a certain meter and rhythm to it. The poem is also in a series of rhyming couplets, which makes it a traditional, structured poem.

A free verse is a line in a poem that does not rhyme or repeat. free verse poetry is any poetry that has no specific rhythm or meter, and typically does not have any rhyming. poetry without rhyme or anything specific just a poem.

Free Verse. This poem does not follow any rhythm or rhyme pattern or format. It doesn't follow any rules. Therefore, it is free verse.

yes, it is a free verse poem.

Free verse poetry is where there is no real formal organization,rhythm or continuous feature in the body of the poem. Real poetry possesses these characteristics.

A free verse poem is a poem that doesn't have any rhyme and fixed metrical patterns.

verse is a verse or poem that doesn't rhyme but has a strict rhythm, usually iambic pentameter.

A poem can be written in verse, using rhythm and imagery. It can also not be written in verse, but have the same metaphorical qualities and intensity and be considered a poem.

A free verse poem can have as many lines as you want it to have. There is no rhyme or measure throughout this poem.

Free verse poems do not have a set meter or rhythm of he words and they do no have a rhyming structure. They do not follow the rules of poetry but are artistic expressions. The poem, "Alone," by Edgar Allan Poe is a lyric poem and Poe was known as a narrative poetry writer.

as long as you want it to be, it's FREE verse

a free verse is a kind of poem that has a kind of a rap tune

Yes, the Raven is a free verse poem because it is not restricted to form. However, it is metrical and it rhymes.

She won first prize for her free verse poem.He recited a free verse he memorized.

Free verse sounds like speech, but has the structure of a poem, like line length. Rhyming poems rhyme, unlike free verse.

False free verse can have Rhythm it is a form of poetry that does not follow rules in meter rhyme or the number of lines in a stanza

That depends on the poem. Some do, and some don't. It isn't required in a free verse poem, if that is what you are asking.

free verse and open verse =^.^=

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a free verse poem.

Emily Dickinson was a very good free verse poet.

No rules, and usually no rhythm or rhyme.

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