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Weight limits for bikes is a tricky thing, as what determines how the bike will do is a mix both weight, and how you ride it. If you're just scooting carefully across a smooth surface, something like that Trek would probably hold up to 600 pounds/300 kilos.

But if you start jumbing curbs, hitting potholes and things like that, even a skinny little runt would be able to damage the bike.

But with good tires fitted and properly inflated, a bike like that should be able to deal with 250 lbs / 120 kilos during regular riding.

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The documentation for the 2009 model says 300 pounds (136kg)

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Q: What is the rider weight limit for trek 7000 bike?
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When you buy a bike do you have to give your weight?

Certain bike has weight limit when it was designed. Mountain bikes with air suspensions need to be adjusted for the weight of the rider by putting in or taking out air from the suspensions.

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Heh, kerb. ANSWER: Since I'm assuming you meant "curb" weight, your bike with out rider weighs approximantly 550 pounds. Max safe loaded weight is approximantly 1100 pounds. That is, the total of bike and rider and load. That doesn't mean you can safely load 1100 pounds on your bike but rather about 550 more pounds.

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The weight limit is 187 lbs (pounds) or riders below 13st 5lbs (metric).

Is there a weight limit?

The maximum user weight that this model bike can support is 250 pounds per the manufacturer.

Is there a weight limit for riding a triwheel bike?

Only the manufacturer would be able to answer that fully.

What is the weight limit for a 50cc Pocket Bike?

okay there is many but mine is can carry 500lbs

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A 50cc dirt bike doesn't technically have a weight limit. There are many full grown adults weighing in excess of 200 pounds which own and ride dirt bikes of this engine size.

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No telling. It depends on road conditions, wind, rider positions, tires, load and rider weight ASO.

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Not every 50cc mini bike goes the same speed, it various on, the engine, the suspension, the weight of the rider, etc.

What do you call the driver of a motorcycle?

Motor cycle Rider, bike rider, horse rider