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When a woman is physically, emotionally and financially prepared to care for a child is the best time to be pregnant.

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Q: What is the right time to be pregnant?
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What is the right time to make a girl pregnant?

The answer is simple, at the time of ovulation.

When is the right time to make women pregnant?

After they're married.

How many days of sex do you have to have in order to get pregnant?

One only takes one time and the right time to become pregnant But unless you hit it right the first time it can take up to 18 months.

When is the right time to have intercourse to become pregnant?

I want to become pregnant. so pls.. give me advice

What are ways to get pregnant quickly?

To get pregnant faster, it is important to have sex at the right times of the month.They sell fertility monitors that can predict when the right time of the month is.

When is the right time to get a girl pregnant?

AFTER you are completely committed to raising the child.

Is it possible to get pregnant right before my period and no period a week later?

You can get pregnant at any time. Including during your period.

Does Katy want to get pregnant in the future?

She does but she has to have time because she is on top right now

Is it possible to get pregnant in a month?

Yes you can get lucky and get it right the first time trying.

After first time sex how much time it would take to become pregnant?

You can become pregnant the first time you have sex if the conditions are right. Haven't you ever seen Juno?Use condoms!

Can a dog be pregnant and in heat at the same time?

No if your dog is pregnant and appears to be in heat take her to the vet right away as she has most likely had a miscarriage

Can you become pregnant right before your period?

You can become pregnant at any time in your menstrual cycle. The sperm can survive for a few days inside you so it is almost impossible to time it correctly.

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