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hey i know what it is jk jk jk

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Q: What is the rising actions for the tale of desperaux?
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What is Desperaux's sister in The Tale of Desperaux?


Who is Desperaux in The Tale of Desperaux?

the mouse (who do you think?)

Who wrote the Tale of desperaux?

Kate DicCamilo wrote the book The Tale Of Desperaux

Is the story The Tale of Despereaux a mystery?

No. The Tale of Desperaux is not a mystery.

What are the names of desperaux's parents in the book the tale of desperaux?

the mother was Antoinette. The father was Lester.

Who is desperauxs hero in the tale of desperaux?


Is there a book following The Tale of Desperaux?

No, there is no sequel.

Did the princess pea get saved in the book tale of Desperaux?

Yes the Princess does get saved by Desperaux Tilling the mouse

How many chapters are in the tale of desperaux?

52 chapters

Who is the princess in the tale of desperaux?

Her name was Princess Pea.

What is the name of the servant girl in the tale of desperaux?

her name is Mig?

When will The Tale of Desperaux the movie come out on DVD?

It comes out on Christmas, 2008.