What is the risk of getting hiv when using a condom with an infected person?


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The risk would be the condom failure rate, which is about 1/2 percent.

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No there is no posibility of getting pregnet using a pill re a condom so you r alright don't worry

If the girl is infected with the HIV AIDS virus then there is a chance of contracting an infection from her. The best way to protect yourself against infection is by using a condom.

it is not supposed to with the proper use of the condom. Sometimes female urinary infections does not have to do with their sexual activities.

As long as there are no sores around the pelvis area where contact can be made, then the condom will work for protection.

The BEST way is to not have sex with someone until you have both been tested and both been found to be not infected. THEN, ALWAYS use condoms.

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

you could since birth control and using a condom are not 100% preventive, but you have a better chance of not getting pregnant if you are using both.

If you're not using birth control, the chances are higher!

if the man or woman is infected, the fluids won't get on each other and spread the virus. but using a condom doesn't always work out.

You can prevent getting aids by not having sex at all. Or by when having sex using a condom.

by her ex boyfriend. There are to ways to contract HIV. By sharing needles or having unprotected sex. That is without the male using a condom or the female using a femidom.

No so long as the condom is in good order and covers the penis there is no chance of getting pregnant even without puling out. that is what they are supposed to do, stop sperm from getting into the vagina.

While I have no clue what "per" might be, I do know you don't get genital warts using anything, unless you are using an infected person and have skin to skin contact with that infected person's infected area. Clear?

A gay person can get AIDS in exactly the same way that a straight person can get AIDS: by contracting the HIV virus, usually through sex with an infected person or by using infected needles.

They are good for avoiding unwanted pregnancy and they can also stop you from getting unwanted diseases,

You and your partner or partners should see a doctor. If only you go to the doctor and get medicine you can become reinfected by your partner. Also, using a condom each and every time you have sex can help stop you from getting infected or reinfected.

Chances are almost zip. Especially with a condom. As long as he didn't ejaculate in you it's pretty much 0% even without a condom.

Yes a person who ate prion infected food using hands can cross-contaminate other things if he touches the food infected with prions with his hands.

That is how you get a woman pregnant, by NOT using a condom (or other contraceptives)

ANSWERIf you are using high quality condom and if condom was not broken during sex - chances for pregnancy are almost 0%.

No one has actually figured out the chances of using an expired condom, but one thing is sure. An expired condom has a much greater chance of breaking, which can cause pregnancy. Don't take the chance.

Use of soap from an infected person will not transmit HIV.

If you mean vaginal sex with rear entry the risk is the same either way no condom puts you at risk of pregnancy. If you mean that he did not use a condom while using your anus as entry point then you are not at risk of getting pregnant.

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