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The River Shannon flows through Limerick

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Limerick city is in the county of Limerick. It is in the Midwest of Ireland, on the river Shannon.

The Shannon River in Ireland feeds into the Shannon Estuary. The town where the Shannon Estuary is located is called Limerick.

The Shannon Estuary is near Limerick, Ireland.

No. Limerick is a county and a city in the midwest of Ireland. Shannon is a town in county Clare in the west of Ireland and it is the name of a river that flows through the centre of Ireland. Its source is near but not in Northern Ireland, and it flows into the Atlantic in the midwest of Ireland, passing through Limerick city and close to the town of Shannon.

No. Limerick is in the mid west of Ireland.

Limerick is a county in Ireland and it is also a city.

Limerick is both a county and city in Ireland, the city being in the county. Limerick is in the province of Munster, the most southern of Ireland's four provinces. Limerick is in the north of Munster, in the midwest of Ireland, where the river Shannon flows through the city, into the Shannon Estuary and then into the Atlantic Ocean. The north coast of Limerick forms most of the southern boundary of the Shannon Estuary.

Ireland does not have postcodes, so after the name of the particular town or place in Limerick just put: Limerick Ireland If it is in county Limerick, but not in the city, you could put County Limerick, instead of Limerick, but it doesn't matter. Your letter will get there.

Yes, County Limerick is in the Republic of Ireland.

No. Limerick is a city in Ireland, but Dublin is the capital city.

Limerick is in the Republic of Ireland, which some people incorrectly refer to as southern Ireland. It is geographically in the midwest of Ireland.

The town of Limerick is located in Ireland.

Limerick is a county and city in Ireland.

The name derives from a city or town in Ireland by that name. In popular use, a Limerick is a riddle in the form of a poem or rhyme, that is one popular use.

Athlone is the largest town on the river Shannon. Only the city of Limerick would be bigger.

The longest river in Ireland is the river Shannon whose source is Shannon Pot, in County Cavan, and which enters the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland's western coast between counties Clare and Limerick after a journey of 386 km (240 miles). It is the longest river in the British Isles.

Limerick is in Ireland and Ireland is a member of the European Union, so the answer to your question would be yes.

Limerick, being in Ireland, uses the Euro.

No. Limerick is in the southwest of Ireland and Dublin is on the east coast.

The river Shannon. St. John's Castle. The Treaty Stone. Rugby. Terry Wogan.

No, Limerick is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland.

Old Cork Road, Co, Limerick, Ireland

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