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What is the road mile distance from Canberra Australia to Mount Washington Kentucky 40047?


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Unfortunately, there are no roads that connect Mt. Washington and Canberra.


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The distance between Canberra ACT, Australia and Washington D.C. MD, America, is 9,907 miles, which is equivalent to 15,943 km.

The distance from Canberra to the nearest Queensland border crossing at Goondiwindi is 757 km.

The distance between Canberra, Australia, and Melbourne, Australia, is about 660.5 km. It would take about 7 hours and 3 minutes to drive this distance depending on traffic conditions.

The air distance from Canberra, Australia, to Athens, Greece, is 9,447 miles. That equals 15,202 kilometers or 8,208 nautical miles.

The air distance from Auckland, New Zealand, to Canberra, Australia, is 1,435 miles. That equals 2,309 kilometers or 1,247 nautical miles.

The air distance from Canberra, Australia, to Brisbane, Australia, is 585 miles. That equals 942 kilometers or 509 nautical miles.

It is 2,180 miles to the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.

From Lennox Head, far north New South Wales to Canberra, Australia Capital Territory is a distance of 1020 km by road.

Distance between:Canberra, the capital of Australia and Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan is7 604 miles (12 236 km)

The distance from Washington DC to Sydney Australia is 9760 miles (15707 km).

The distance between Australia and the United States is 9,400 miles. It takes 19 and a half hours to fly this distance by plane.

The distance from Adelaide Australia to Washington DC is 10,463 miles (16,839 km)

The distance from Perth Australia to Washington DC is 11,570 miles. (18,620 km)

The air distance from Brooklyn, New York, to Canberra, Australia, is 10,080 miles. That equals 16,222 kilometers or 8,759 nautical miles.

The air distance from Canberra, Australia, to Asheville, North Carolina, is 9,561 miles. That equals 15,385 kilometers or 8,307 nautical miles.

The air distance -- within Australia -- from Sydney to Canberra is 154 miles. That equals 247 kilometers or 134 nautical miles.

The air distance in kilometers -- within Australia -- from Coolangatta to Canberra is 889 kilometers. That equals 552 miles or 480 nautical miles.

Air distance from Bangkok, Thailand to Canberra, Australia is 4,637 miles. That is 7,462 kilometers. It is 4,029 nautical miles.

The quickest route from Sydney to Lakes Entrance is via Canberra, and a distance of 705 km.

the distance between toowoomba to Canberra around 1300 km

Travelling by road from Albany, Western Australia to Canberra, ACT is a distance of 3,665km. The journey would take about 44 hours of non-stop driving, so is best done over 5 days.

The flight distance from Washington (WA) to Sydney, Australia is: 7,764 miles / 12,495 km

The distance from Goulburn to Canberra is 92km. The journey takes just under an hour.

To travel from Melbourne to Canberra by road is a distance of 657km. Actual travelling time would be almost 8 hours, but that does not account for rest breaks. The Flight mileage is 473 km.

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