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A cooperative is an organization owned and operated by its members for their shared benefit. Its main role is to provide goods or services to its members in a fair and sustainable manner, promoting democratic decision-making and economic participation among members. Cooperatives aim to address the needs and aspirations of their members while contributing to the overall development of their community.

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Q: What is the role of a cooperative?
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1 They educate members on the importance of cop. 2 They provide co-operative with necessary skills

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Leadership role in finacing its(TNSCBank's) affiliates and a role model to other state cooperative Banks in India.

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you can use role modeling, reminding chidlren of their behavior Constantly

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Weavers co-operatives is a system made to reduce the role of the merchants and to increase the profit of the weavers.

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Housing cooperative Building cooperative Retailers' cooperative Utility cooperative Worker cooperative Business and employment co-operative Social cooperative Consumers' cooperative Agricultural cooperative Cooperative banking (credit unions and cooperative savings banks) Federal or secondary cooperatives

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The comparative is more cooperative, and most cooperative is the superlative.

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create a good environment for the cooperative create good Legal frame work good public policy mobilising people to join cooperatives enforce law and provide support capacity building purposes support human resource and development of activities

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