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What is the role of a customer care agent?

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Customer care agents take care of customer requests and complaints.

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What is the role of customer care rep?

Customer Care Representative has a great role since the financial and operational activities can be affected if Customer Care Representative do not behave properly. -By Rasbin Rijal

What is the role of information management to customer care management?

its role to assist the customer care in caring out the manegerial activites eg planning, organizing etc

Why is it important for a health care worker to be aware of his or he of role as an agent?

to be able to give the proper care to patients....

What are some jobs that require you to know a foreign language?

Translator, customer service agent, care giver

What are the role and responsiblity of customer care executive at airport?

A customer care executive at an airport is responsible and in charge of all customer complaints. They use their skills to quickly resolve and deescalate problems. If they are an executive, they more than likely are responsible for ensuring the staff does as well.

What are the advantages of customer care?

why should customer care be improved?

Conversation between call center agent and a customer?

can i have the conversation between agent and customer in call center

Why is customer service so important in a healthcare facility?

Customer service play an important role in health care because people are conscious and need complete information so the customer service is important.

Explain the role of company as a moral agent?

role of the company as a moral agent

What is the cellone customer care number?

Customer care to enquire about roaming

What is another title for a customer service manager?

Customer Relationship Manager Customer Solution Manager Customer Account Manager Customer Care Manager Client Care Manager Customer Experience Manager Client Care Manager

What is the role of Internet agent and explain the Role of consumer goals on the Internet?

What is the role of Internet agent and explain the Role of consumer goals on the Internet ?

What is the role of customer in any marketing strategy?

What is the role of customer in any marketing strategy?

Advantages of customer care?

Good customer care results in more and returning customers.

What are customer care duties?

Customer care duties are making sure the customer is taken care of first and foremost. They resolve problems, answer questions, return items and make sure the customer has a good experience.

What is the toll-free number for HP customer care in Canada?

HP Customer Care : 888-578-0333 Contact Support Number . Customer care

Customer care definition?

Customer care is also known as customer service. It is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase.

What is lic customer care number?

lic customer care number is an identification number, symbol or mark by which a client can reach out to a customer.

Briefly describe the role of the change agent in the Organizational Development change process?

role of a change agent

Basic quality parameter in customer care bpo?

how to ask questions for customer care people

What is the customer care phone no of pf?

Any update?? Customer care number or email id??

How do you handle customer care?

Customer care is where you provide positive customer experience to your company customers as well as looking after your company customers needs

Experience working in a customer facing role?

When working in a customer facing role, you want to be as professional as possible. Ask the customer how they are doing and what they need assistance with.

What are the business rules that govern the relationship between an agent agent and customer?