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1. Development from a fertilised cell ie Reproduction

2. Growth

3. Repair and replacement of worn out tissue

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What cell division enables growth in multicellular organisms?

mitotic cell division

Which process has a role in the growth and repair of tissue in multicellular organisms?

Cell Divisioncell reproduction & cell divisionCell division is the process in which it has as a role in the growth and repair of tissue in multicellular

In multicellular organisms cell division is required for growth and what?


What is growth and repair in multicellular organisms a result of?

The growth and repair in multicellular organism the result of cell division.

How does growth occur in multicellular organisms?

Growth occurs in multicellular organisms mainly through cell division. This will be facilitated by the process of mitosis and differentiation of the cells.

In multicellular organisms cell division is essential for 3 main things What are they?

Growth, development, and repair.

How do multi-cellular organisms grow?

Multicellular organisms grow through cell division. A multicellular organism's growth and development start with one cell, which then divides into two cells. The division will continue, with each division increasing by a factor of two.

Cell division has the purpose of?

Cell division has three purposes for the organism. The are responsible for the reproduction, growth and maintenance of both single celled and multicellular organisms.

Describe thee type of cell division that occurs in the body cellsof multicellular organisms?

Mitosis occurs in the body cells of multicellular organisms and is responsible for the growth and cellular repair of a multicellular organism.

Why cell division occurs in multicellular organisms?

Cell division occurs in multicellular organisms in order for the organism to grow, and to replace dead or dying cells.

How is the function of cell division in single-celled organisms different from cell division in multicellular organisms?

Cell division in single celled organisms is called amitosis. In multicellular organisms it is performed by mitosis and meiosis. So that's pretty much the answer.

What are three purposes of Cell Division?

The three purposes of cell division are repair, reproduction, and growth.In multicellular organisms, cell division is essential for three major functions: growth that make up the lining of your throat have a short life span.

What is the division of labor in multicellular organisms?

The division of labor in multicellular organisms is having each cell organ to perform a specific duty. This is what a cell is compared to a manufacturing plant.

What is growth in multicellular organisms is due to?

Cell reproduction.

What is asexual cell division found in multicellular organisms?


Why is cell division important for multicellullar organisms?

Multicellular organisms must replaced damaged cells. The only way to do this is through cell division.

Does Cell division enable multicellular organisms to develop?

hoped you knew

What process is most critical in the growth of a multicellular organism?

Cell division.

What three functions in multicellular organisms do mitosis and cell division accomplish?

For multicellular organisms (like us) cell division allows an organism to grow and develop from a single cell to trillions of cells, to repair and replace cells worn out and used up by everyday life, and in some cases, to make specialized cells for reproduction. or, to make it more easy to understand, in multicellular living things, cell division is required for tissue repair and growth. :)

In multicellular organisms what happens to cells?

Apoptosis leads to cell death in multicellular organisms. After the old cells die they divide. New cells form in multicellular organisms as a result of division.

Growth of many-celled organisms is mostly due to an increase in the of cells?

Growth of many-celled (multicellular) organisms is mostly due to an increase in the number of cells, due to the process of mitotic cell division.

How does growth occur in unicellular and multicellular organisms?

For unicellular organisms, growth refers to the single cell increasing in size. In multicellular organisms though, which are much more complex, the term growth refers to the cells replicating and multiplying.

Multicellular organisms exhibit a division of labor among cells known as?

cell specialization

What is two reasons for cell reproduction in multicellular organisms?

Cell reproduction in multicellular organisms repair damage that may be done to it. It also allows for growth and specialization to occur in organisms. They also replace dead cells.

In multicellular organisms what are two cellular specializations that result from mitosis?

cell growth and reproduction

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