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To sit on a fence

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Q: What is the role of community leaders?
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What was the leaders of the community called the giver?

The leader of the community in "The Giver" is called the Receiver of Memory. This individual holds all the memories of the past and advises the leaders by providing wisdom and guidance. This role is crucial in ensuring the stability and well-being of the society.

What is your role in community?

we have a great role in the community, the role is to believe in the lord our god

What do Jewish leaders do?

Judaism isn't a centralised religion so leaders are at the community level. Leaders can be religious or secular depending on how they're associated with their community.

What is the most important member in the community?

Every member of a community plays a valuable role, but community leaders or organizers often serve as key figures in guiding and uniting community members towards common goals. They help foster collaboration, build relationships, and address challenges within the community.

Who shaped your community?

Our community has been shaped by a combination of historical events, local leaders, and initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of togetherness and progress. Various individuals and organizations have played a role in shaping the values, norms, and opportunities that define our community today.

What is the Steps in community mobilization in primary health care?

Steps for community mobilization are as follows a. Know initial contact with the community leaders b. Know the community c. Communicate intention to the leaders d.arrange meeting with the community leaders and community representatives e. Develop agenda for the meeting f. Explain the purpose of the meeting in an acceptable language.

Religious leaders and the church were what?

Religious leaders and the church served as spiritual guides, offering moral guidance, support, and community to believers. They often played a significant role in shaping societal values and norms, as well as providing services such as education, healthcare, and charitable assistance to the community.

What does FCCLA stand for?

Family, career and community leaders of America.Funny clowns care lots for armadillos.

What is the role an organism plays in the community?

Niche! is a special role of an organism that plays in a community

Who is the most important member of the community in the giver?

The most important member of the community in "The Giver" is the Receiver of Memory, who holds the memories of the past and guides the community leaders with wisdom and insight. This role is crucial for making decisions and providing a historical perspective to prevent repeating past mistakes.

How do good leaders help a community?


What types of opinion leaders are there?

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