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bicuspid valve, also called the mitral valve

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Root word for pulse?

Pulse has no root word. It is from the Latin pulsus which is from Latin pellere (to set in motion by beating or striking) and the suffix -tus (the suffix for action verbs).

What is the root word for sphygmomanometer?

The root is "meter," meaning a measuring device. The prefix is from Greek for pulse.

What is the name of the pulse in the neck?

Carotid pulse. == ==

What is the root word of impulse?

pulse what makes sence in the word

Do pulse crops cannnot fix atmospheric nitrogen with the help of root nodules?

the mechanism how pulse crop fix atmospheric nitrogen.

What is the Latin root word for to push?

"Pulsare" meaning "to push, beat, pulse"

Name of the thumb pulse?

The neck pulse is the corotid pulse; the wrist pulse is the radial pulse; the arm pulse is the brachial pulse. it seems that the pulses are named according to the artery palpated; therefore, your thumb pulse must be your princeps pollicis pulse. this is an educated guess.

What is the name of the pulse in your neck?


What the name of the site you take a pulse from?

This site is called a pulse point. There are ten sites that are used.

What does the root word pulse mean?

either a rythmical beating or seeds from a leguminous plant grown for food

Name four locations in the body where the pulse can be felt?

- temporal pulse, found in your temple. - radial pulse, found in end of thumb. - carotid pulse, found in neck, side of windpipe. - femoral pulse, found in the groin. hope it helped :)

What is the name of the machine that checks your heart rate and your pulse?

The machine that checks heart rate and pulse is stetoscope

What is Another name for a heart beat?


Another name for pulse generator?

An Igniter

What the scientific name for human pulse?


What is the name of the root tap roots have?

leeanne root fibrious root thin root

What is the name of carrot root?

A tap root.

What do the root nodules of pulse plant have?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria. They convert nitrogen in the iar into a form that the plant can use.

What is the root word to repulsive?

The answer is "pulse". You cannot say "pulsive". There's no such thing as such of that made up word. xD

What is a soup with a pulse?

A 'pulse' is another name for any kind of bean, so you may mean 'bean soup'.

What is the name of the artery in your wrist where you check your pulse?


What is the scientific name for heart rate?

pulse rate!

What is the scientific name of 'gram pulse'?


What is the name of the type of sunflower root?

helianthus root

What is the scientific name of baby root?

tap root

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