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Q: What is the root of mortician?
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What is the root word for mortician?

It is mort which means death.

What is the latin root word for mortician?

I would imagine mort or morte, meaning dead

What are some words with mort as the root word?

Mortality, mortician, mortify, mortified, and many more.

What training is needed to be a mortician?

what traing is needed to be a mortician

How do you use mortician in a sentence?

My father is a wonderful mortician.

Is a mortician the same as an embalmer?

No,a mortician is not the same as embalmer

What is the proper definition of mortician?

A Mortician is commonly referred to as a funeral director or undertaker. A Mortician is a professional involved in the business side of funerals. A Mortician is usually found in a funeral parlor.

How do you use the word mortician in a sentence?

The mortician will collect the body.I will ask the mortician if we can see him.These days it is rare to see the word "mortician". Instead people usually say "funeral director".

What does a mortician do?

A mortician owns their own funeral home and imbalms the deceased.

What is the role of a mortician bee?

Mortician bees remove the dead. It is the job of the mortician bee to keep the hive clear of dead bees.

What is the job called where you put makeup on a corpse for a funeral?

Mortician, or mortician's assistant.

What is a morticians apprentice?

A mortician's apprentice is someone who is aspiring to be a mortician and works for free for a professional mortician. They do the general work a mortician does but under the close supervision of a professional. They work without pay but generally are hired after a set period of time. It is a requirement for anyone looking to become a mortician.

Does a mortician have to be a man?


What is the prefix for mortician?

Technically, there isn't one. The best answer would probably be mort- which most people consider to be a Latin root word meaning death.

Can you get a sentence with the word mortician in it?

When my paw-paw died we had a mortician to help organize the funeral

What are the ratings and certificates for The Mortician - 2011 I?

The Mortician - 2011 I is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What is a good sentence using mortician?

A mortician works for a mortuary, otherwise known as a funeral home.

What is a synonym for mortician?


What is a mortician?

A funeral director.

What is the meaning of the Latin root moiror?

Could you mean "morior" ("I die")? The perfect participle is "mortuus," from which English gets words that relate to death (mortician, mortuary, mortal).

A death verification from you how do i get it?

you have to talk to a mortician.

Who prepares the body for internment?


What is a mortician bee?

Mortician bees carry dead bees out of the hive. See photos at the blog post linked below.

What is the word origin of mortician?

From Latin mors, mortis: Death. Mortician literally means "One who's trade is the dead".

How man people are employed as a mortician?

To get the exact figure of people employed as mortician be more specific about your question as in you are asking about which country or state.