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among , save

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Q: What is the root word of pondered?
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What is the Latin root word for pondered?

What is the latin root word in pondered

What is the latin root of the word pondered?

among , save

What does the root pond mean?

The Latin root pond means "to wiegh" as in the word pondered.

What is the latin roots in the word pondered?

The Latin root is 'pondus' meaning to weigh

What is the root for pondered?

ponder What is the prostate gland

What is another word for thought about?


What is the Latin root of the English verb 'pondered'?

Pend- is the Latin root of the English verb "pondered." The English active past tense ultimately traces back to the Latin noun pondus ("weight," from the root ponder-), the verb pendere ("to hang," "to suspend," "to weigh" and, figuratively, "to ponder") and the root pend- ("hang"). The pronunciation will be "pend" in Church and classical Latin.

What is a sentence for the word pondered?

He pondered the possible careers he might have without a college education.Unable to get the tractor out of the ditch, the farmer pondered his next move.The generals pondered their options, and decided to postpone the invasion until spring.I pondered the question for a long while until I crafted an excellent answer.

What is the Latin word for pondered?

The Latin word for pondered is contemplated. You could be pondering a question, or you could be contemplating the question. If you want to use two words, you could say, "thinking about".

What is the verb for the word pondered?

Pondered is already a verb because it is an action.Ponder, ponders and pondering are also verbs.Here are some example sentences:"I ponder on the meaning on life"."The monk ponders on the meaning of his master's words"."We pondered on the subject of gravity"."I left him pondering upon my words"

What is the root word of fugitive?

Fugitive has no root word it is the root word.

What is the root word of river?

There is no root word of river. It itself is a root word.

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