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Saturn has the second fastest spin out of the eight planets, after Jupiter. It takes 10 hours and 14 mins to make one full revolution on its axis. It takes 29.44 years to orbit the sun once.

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Q: What is the rotation and revolution of Saturn?
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Is Saturn's rotation and revolution fast or slow?


What is Saturn's rotation time around the moon?

Saturn does not orbit the moon, it orbits the sun. This is called its revolution, not its rotation. Saturn's period of rotation on its axis is 10 hours 33 minutes. Its period of revolution around the sun 29.45 years.

What is Saturn's rotation time?

what is Saturn rotation

What is the direction of rotation of Saturn?

the rotation of Saturn is counterclockwise.

Rotation and revolution of Saturn?

The rotaion takes 10 hours and 14 minutes and the revolution takes 29.5 Earth years.

Saturn's rotation period around the sun?

That's called the "revolution period" by astronomers. For Saturn it's about 29.5 Earth years.

Does Saturn have prograde or retrograde rotation?

Saturn has prograde rotation

What are the rotation and revolution periods of Saturn?

Saturn rotates on its axis pretty fast - in about 10.5 hours. It takes about29.5 Earth years to orbit the Sun once (period of revolution).

What is the rotation time for Saturn?

the rotation time for saturn is 48 hours.

What is saturns period of rotation around the sun?

Saturn has a "rotation" around it's own axis. It has a "revolution" around the Sun.Saturn's "period of revolution" around the Sun is about 29.5 Earth years.See related questions.

Are they rotation on Saturn?

no they arent rotation on the sun

What is the time taken for Saturn to complete one revolution?

The period for Saturn's revolution around the Sun is about 29.4571 years. Saturn's rotation, the length of Saturn's day, is very complex and takes about 10.5 hours. The reason it is complex is that features at different latitudes appear to have different rotational periods.

What is the length of Saturn's rotation on its axis?

The length of Saturn's rotation on its axis is about ten and a half hours.

What is Saturn's rotation time on axis?

Saturn's rotation time on axis is 42.5km and 6 hrs.

How long is the revolution of Enceladus?

The revolution of Enceladus around Saturn takes 1.37 Earth days, or one day, 8 hours and 53 minutes. Its revolution and rotation times are the same.

What is the revolution of Sautrn?

Time Span for the Revolution of SaturnThe term Revolution describes one elliptical rotation (a 360 degree rotation, aka a big circle) around the Sun. My science book says that Saturn takes approximately 29.456 Earth years to revolve around the Sun, which is one Saturn year and each Saturn day is 10.2 Earth hours. These are my own words, I only took numbers.

What is Saturn's revolution period?

Saturn's revolution period is 29.46years.

How long does it take Saturn to make one revolution?

Saturn rotates very fast and is able to complete one rotation in approximately 10 hours. Saturn, which was named after the Roman God, is the sixth planet from the Sun.

What are examples of rotation and revolution?

rotation-planets on axis revolution-planets in orbit

Does saturn have a prograde rotation?


What is the Revolution and Rotation speed of Neptune?

Rotation:17.24 hours Revolution:165 years

What is revolution and rotation?

rotation is how an object spins on its axis and revolution is when it goes around an object

How is the revolution and rotation of mercury the same as earths?

The rotation and revolution of Mercury is not the same as the Earth.

What is the rotation and revolution of a planet?

rotation of a planet; rotation is movement of the planets around its own axis revolution of planet; revolution is movement of the planets around the sun

What planets have a faster revolution than the Earth?

Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune all complete one rotation in less than a day.