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At this time (early 2015 ) the Royal air Force is tasked with missions against ISIS

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The UK is a member of NATO so its allies are all the other NATO members.

when a) we all die b) the fat lady sings c) we form a NATO/Coalition air force, no doubtedly run by the french, so the RAF will be renamed the RSF ( Royale (French for royal) serendre (ing) force ) in english, the royal surrendering force, NB the royal surrendering force is NOT just ex RAF, its is also ex NAVY and ex ARMY ---god save the queen---

NATO, North Atlantic, Treaty Organization, is a multinational force in several different areas. The organization has a multinational armed force that protects the member nations.

Canada was part of NATO, and officially, NATO was in control of the troops. _____________ NATO had nothing to do with the Korean War. Canada stayed on as part of the UN force, not NATO.

The are part of the NATO Peacekeeping Forces.

Some criticisms of NATO are that it is to western centered. It can be viewed as capable of doing whatever it needs to in order to further the interests of its members.

No, it remains a defining force in Europe.

Yes. While not on such large scale like US or UK the Czech Republic participates in NATO activites, participated in both Afghanistan and Iraq wars and Czech Air Force participates in protection of air space of Baltic NATO members that don't have their own supersonic air force.

NATO was a joint force that could operate together. Before, countries were just "allies" so there was no official group with commitements. NATO established countries willing to back each other in case of conflict, adding to security.

How many times has the NATO Response Force been deployed since it achieved readiness in October 2006 (as of January 1st, 2009)? How many times has the NATO Response Force been deployed since it achieved readiness in October 2006 (as of January 1st, 2009)?

NATO is an organization which, when it so desires, can put together an multi-national force, as it has done in Afghanistan. Potentially, all the military power of all the member nations of NATO can be used together for some objective that is considered important enough to justify such action. Even when there has been no military action undertaken by NATO there have still been joint training exercises.

To defend Canada's maritime interests and as a member of NATO, to contribute to the safeguarding of the North Atlantic.

Canada has been part of NATO since 1949 and was one of the first countries to join. Canada has been doing its part and have been doing it very well. This organization has had Canada being a part of it for a very long time and could'nt run NATO with out Canada's help. I, Presedent of NATO, am thanking Canada for there help and support.What is NATO? You may ask, well NATO was made after Worls War 2. NATO was made to protect most countries from ever having a world war again. That is why it was made after the second world war. The counties that NATO protect and that are involved in are: Canada, Unites States, Spain, Romania, Poland, Norway, Luxemburg, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and Belgium.Improving. . NATO was formed to help non communist countries in Europe from being attacked by communist countries, led by the Soviet Republic. By becoming a member of NATO, you were pledging your countries support, as if they themselves were being attacked. NATO now consists of 19 countries.

No. Not a part of NATO. NATO-friendly, but not a member.

Not as much as they should, or as quick either. Nato is draging their heels to me, as they say they want a regime change there but the Rebels need strong support now. enough talk Nato take firm action, and get rid of the regime, and let freedoms flag rule!

NATO is the acronym...

No, Kyrgyzstan is not a member of NATO.

The membership of NATO was expanded as new NATO to include new members.

No, Iraq is not a member country of NATO, but NATO does have a special partnership with Iraq.

As the paras are the elite part of the army, the Royal Marines are the elite part of the Navy. Some of the most feared soldiers in the world. They're basic training is the longest training program in NATO. (31 weeks)

No, China is not a member of NATO.

Spain is a NATO member.

No, Ukraine is not part of NATO.

Where is the head office of NATO

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