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The End of Marley & Me.

The Green Mile and Knowing


My Girl

any of the original Disney films

near the middle of good night mister tom

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How to spell saddest?

The correct spelling is saddest.Some example sentences are:He is the saddest person to live.This is the saddest part of the film.I'm not sure which book is saddest.

What is the superlative of sad?


What is the degree of comparison - that was the saddest movie I have ever seen saddest is the adjective?

Saddest is the superlative degree.

What is the saddest thing in the world?

The saddest thing in the world is a thing with the no heart.

What is the saddest Pokemon movie?

I, and this is my opinon, but I think movie 8 is saddest.

What is the translation for the word saddest in Welsh?

The Welsh word for 'saddest is tristaf.

How many syllables in saddest?

There are 2 syllables in the word saddest. (Sad-dest).

What is the saddest thing that happend to Monet?

the saddest thing that happend to monrt is him dieing

Can you put saddest in a sentence?

She looked the sadddest today. The saddest that i have been was yesturday.

When was The Saddest Song created?

The Saddest Song was created on 2003-11-05.

What is the saddest song ever?

Gloomy Sunday! It is so dreary.The most famous sad song is 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion- made famous by the HUGE film Titanic. You must give it credit though, it is a real good tear-jerker. I swear to you that the saddest song ever written is by Pat Campbell. It is called The Deal.the saddest song is: if i die young by the band perry!

Is saddest an adjective?


What is the SADDEST scene you have ever seen in a movie?

the saddest movie i have ever seen in the movies is boy

What is the saddest thing that happens to the hedgehogs each year?

Some die. Personally thats the saddest

What is the saddest song in earth?

Idk the saddest song but the song " walking her home" is really sad

What is the saddest anime?

Well from the Anime's I watch I think the saddest one is Naruto at the very beginning.

What is the saddest word in the English language?

Abandonment Saddest. No is the saddest experience you'll ever learn Yes is the saddest experience you'll ever learn 'Cuz one is the loneliest number that you'll ever know One is the loneliest number... Hate.

What is the saddest musical key?

Most people agree that D minor is the saddest of all keys. In my opinion, E major/C sharp minor is the saddest key, but that's just me.

What is the saddest song by Nicki Minaj?

The saddest song by Nicki Minaj is 'autobiography'. It is very sad indeed.

What rhymes with addest?


What are one of the saddest songs?

"What about me."

What is the superlative for sad?


Is death note the saddest manga?

It may depends on your observation but I know that Death Note is not the saddest manga. It can be the drama ones.

What were composer's saddest tuned songs?

The saddest tuned songs of the composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, are found in Mozart's Requiems

What rhymes with maddest?

baddest, saddest

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