What is the safest way to trim a puppy's toenails if they are black?

I have this problem with my black Lab. It is impossible to see the vein, and very easy to clip too close. The vet suggested clipping a very small portion, and then waiting 5 days, clip another little bit, etc. Even if you nip them as long as you have a septic pencil or some such, the bleeding will stop quickly. Of course you will feel bad, and it will be difficult to get the dog to co-operate in the future. I let a professional do my dog's nails. I just don't feel confident enough.

We have a Newfoundland dog who has black nails and we have always trimmed her nails ourselves.

1. Get a nail clipper the right size for your dog. Larger dogs will need a sturdier blade than smaller ones.

2. One person holds the dog gently on one side while the other one will clip the nail. If you can't see the quick (the vein) then it is a good idea to clip the toenails regularly to avoid cutting it. If the nails are long then you clip a little and wait a week. The quick will retreat and you can clip a little more. We keep a product nearby in case we cut it and also some baking soda.

It's really easy and once you get your dog used to the procedure it takes about 5 minutes. Our newf at 13 months weighs 125 lbs and she just lies there until we are done....

I am a pet groomer. My suggestion for trimming your puppy's nails is to look at the nail. Is the tip of the nail hooked at all? You will want to ideally clip at that point, so it will receed the quick (or the vein) and keep the nails shorter.

If you happen to quick the nail (cut too short), you can apply chapstick or flour, just to name a couple of household items. Styptic powder is a good thing to keep around if you those items are in supply.

Good luck! And ALWAYS have a partner to help you with trimming nails!!

i do it in tiny segments. u don't necessarily have to wait a week. but just do it gradually. also, if u clip and the middle of the nail is really dark (i mean the middle of the slice) than you are nearing the quick - stop

A great way to shorten your dog's toenails is to use a dremel-type tool with a rotating sanding drum to grind the nail down. You can see/judge how close you are to the quick and it leaves a nice smooth finish on the end of a nail. Most dogs react less negatively to this method than to the pinching of a nail clipper.

Just walk the dog on concrete or asphalt, it wears down there nails over time so just walk your dog on a sidewalk whenever you do and it will keep the nails short.