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is it 44,171 for a flight attendant at delta airlines.

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Q: What is the salary for a flight attendant at delta airlines?
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How old do you have to be to be a flight attendant for Delta Airlines?

you have to be 20 to be a flight attendant for delta airlines

Is it realistic for me to think that I can find flight attendant jobs with Delta airline?

Delta Airlines has a website that lists all of their current and open job opportunities. One is able to review the website and see how many flight attendant positions might be available with Delta Airlines at any given time. As of April 2012, there is one position for a flight attendant but they need to be able to speak Japanese.

What kind of training does one need to get a flight attendant job with airlines in the US?

There are many private flight attendant schools located across the United States. Most major airlines such as Delta, Continental, and Southwest have their own training program as well. Once you graduate from their program you can work as a flight attendant.

How do you get Delta Airlines on Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

You cannot download Delta Airlines skins for all the aircraft. You have to download Delta Airlines skins for each aircraft individually. To find the skin for the aircraft you want, type "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines", and the aircraft you want the skin for. Example: "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines 737" or "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines 747"

What types of jobs are available at Delta Airlines?

There many different types of jobs that one could apply for with Delta Airlines. Several of the types of jobs would be: flight attendant, baggage handler, mechanic, ticket agent and many more.

Where can one purchase flight tickets from Delta Airlines?

There are a number of websites that enable one to purchase flight tickets for Delta Airlines. These sites include the official Delta Airlines website, Expedia, Fare Compare and Orbitz.

Will Delta Airlines show the Super Bowl during flight?

No Delta Airlines will not be broadcasting the Super Bowl during flights.

What terminal does delta airlines land at heathrow from Atlanta flight Delta 10?

Delta lands at Heathrow T4.

Where can one learn about the Delta Airlines check in process?

One can learn about the Delta Airlines check in process by visiting the official Delta Airlines site. You may also speak to a Delta airline representative at the airport prior to your flight.

Where might one go to book a flight on Delta Airlines to the United Kingdom?

Someone that is looking to book a flight on Delta Airlines to the United Kingdom can do so by using the Delta Airlines website. Other options would be to browse deals on Expedia as well as Travelocity.

What are the names of a few companies who provide flight deals?

American Airlines, Virgin America, and Delta Airlines are companies who provide flight deals.

Cost of flight from new York to accra?

This flight will cost $1512.00, through Delta airlines nonstop flight.

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