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Q: What is the sale price on 18kt scrap gold?
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What is the sale price on 10kt scrap gold?

At todays prices £7.60 per gram

Where can I find gold bars for sale for a fair price?

Gold bars can be found for sale at a fair price from a number of retailers. They can be purchased from JM Bullion, USA Gold, The Perth Mint and from Only Gold.

What is a 11.1 gram 14kt gold filled ring worth?

If you can find somebody who will buy gold filled as scrap, a little less than sterling silver price; But most buyers wont take gold filled especially not in large quantities. Your item is not pure gold, and of very little value scrap metal wise. It could be worth a fair bit as a piece, but most gold filled rings are only of 10-25$ value at best as a sale piece itself.

What iis a 50.00 gold coin worth?

This is a 1 oz bullion coin, value is the spot price of gold at time of sale.

How does the selling of gold jewelry create a profit?

When a dealer purchases gold jewelry, it is purchased for a price much lower than it is sold for. When the dealer's purchase price is lower than the sale price, it becomes a profit.

Where can you buy jewelry scrap gold?

You can find scrap gold on auction websites, and maybe in the "for sale" section of your local newpaper or online classified ads website. However, you will probably pay more a premium (more than it's actually worth) through any of these channels. Instead, if you know what you are doing or are willing to find out, you can buy scrap gold at a substantial discount (25-40%) from the public. Then you can keep it as an investment or resell it for a profit.

What is the tax rate applicable on sale of scrap?


what was the sale price?

what was the sale price

Is discounted price the same as the sale price?

no discounted price is the price after some money has been taken off the sale price for a sale etc. but sale price is the original price

What is 22k white gold price in India?

Well, 22k white gold price in India it is the same price that Yellow gold metal. Because it is not Real white gold. Well, only " Pure Solid White gold Formula " it is Real white gold... Yellow gold metal, copper, with Rhodium Plated is not white gold, sale in India!Sincerely: Professional Jewelry!

What is value of US 25 gold coin date 2004?

The value of this coin is based on the spot price of gold at time of sale. A $25.00 coin is one half ounce of gold so value is half of spot price.

How much is a 1878 gold liberty 2.5 dollar worth if scraped?

$132.54 as I type this the price of gold changes by the minute. The net weight of pure gold in the coin is .12094oz multiply this by the spot price of gold at time of sale to find the cash value.