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Q: What is the same about the java man and The Hobbit?
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What is the name of the bear man in The Hobbit?


Does Java Script use the same compiler as Java?


Is The Hobbit man vs society?

There is more than one conflict in The Hobbit. The conflict with society would be with the river elves or Bilbo interactions with the dwarves as a group. But there is man vs man, man vs society, man vs enviroment

Who were the members of The Lord of the Rings Fellowship?

Frodo Baggins (hobbit) Samwise Gamgee (hobbit) Peregrin Took (hobbit) Meriadoc Brandybuck (hobbit) Gandalf the Grey (wizard) Aragorn, Son of Arathorn (man) Boromir from Gondor (man) Gimli, Son of Gloin (dwarf) Legolas from the Woodland Realm (elf)

What is difference between java 2 and java?

there is no difference between java2 and java. its same.

What is tabon man theory?

It is also called a callao man. It is a java man.

Who rules Indonesia?

the government who is the java man.

Who discovered java man?

eugene dubios

What are the advantages of java?

Java runs on a virtual machine. Because of this, the same java code can run on multiple platforms.

Who were the first known inhabitants of China?

Peeking man and java man

What does it mean when a man can't say the relationship is over?

It means that your a Hobbit!

Are the hobbit and the annotated hobbit books the same?

One thing in particular that the Annotated Hobbit has is a detailed explanation of the changes that Tolkien made to 'The Hobbit' while writing of 'The Lord of the Rings' to synchronize the texts.

Where did Java man lived?

The name should give it to you. Java is an island, look it up in an atlas.

Why do sientist say that the peking man was nore intelligent and advanced than java man?

Why do sientist say that the peking man was nore intelligent and advanced than java man? Read more:

Is Gandalf in the 2012 hobbit the same as the other movies?

The role of Gandalf is the same (it is the same wizard). Also the actor playing Gandalf in "Lord of the Rings" and the "Hobbit" is supposed to be the same person - actor Sir Ian McKellen.

Two methods cannot have the same name in Java true or false?

false. Two methods can have the same name in Java

Are they making The Hobbit into a movie?

Yes , 'The Hobbit' is being made by Peter Jackson who is the same director who directed 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

Can you store two public Java classes in the same file?

No. There can be multiple java classes in the same .java file, but the name of the file must match the name of the public class in the file.

Who discovered Indonesia?

The Java man discovered Indonesia

Can you have java and adobe on the same computer?


What is the diff between java 2 and core java?

Nothing - They are both the same. Java 2 is an advanced version of Core Java which contains better features than Core Java V 1.

Are the dwarves from The Hobbit the same size as The Hobbits?

Dwarves are slightly bigger

What is same meaning for nice?

kind smelly poo head hobbit

Who are the early Filipinos?

cave man, java man, malay, indonis, paking man, ita, negritas

What was the nickname for homo erectus?

they had many nicknames including upright man, peking man, and java man.